SG Govt Pledges 100k Job Opportunities For Fresh Grads & Mid-Career Workers In Fortitude Budget

SGUnited Jobs & Skills Package To Create 100,000 New Job Opportunities

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat announced during the Fortitude Budget on 26 May that the government will create 100,000 job opportunities with the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package.


The package aims to cater to different skill levels and needs of firms across industries.

Some jobs have already been rolled out, such as being test swabbers for Covid-19 patients, but there will be long-term jobs as as well.

Creating 100,000 job opportunities

The Fortitude Budget will help provide 100,000 job opportunities, consisting of 40,000 jobs, 25,000 traineeships and 30,000 training courses.

These will cater to a range of needs, from those who have just graduated to mid-career job seekers.

Fresh graduates are struggling to find a job amid this economy, and this will hopefully help them secure employment.

Of the 40,000 new jobs, the public sector will create 15,000 jobs, such as short-term jobs like swabbing and others related to Covid-19.


Meanwhile, 25,000 more jobs will come from the private sector.

Traineeships for mid-career job seekers

DPM Heng shared that a new SGUnited Mid-Career Traineeships scheme would be rolled out as well, from 1 Jun onwards.

This is aimed at people who are in between jobs.

Agencies will work with companies to create 4,000 such traineeships, reports The Straits Times.

Another new SGUnited Skills programme will increase training capacity to 30,000 places also, for more job seekers to improve their skills.

For other announcements related to the Fortitude Budget, you can check out the story below.

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