S’poreans Can Sign Up To Be Covid-19 Test Swabbers, Get Paid Up To $3,800/Month

Singapore Is Hiring Covid-19 Test Swabbers & Swab Assistants, Salaries Up To $3,800/Month

Given Singapore’s plan to extensively test more of our population, more swabbers and swab assistants are needed now.

As part of the SGUnited Jobs Initiative, Singapore residents can now sign up to be Covid-19 swabbers and swab assistants.

All individuals will start off as Swab Assistants, and later move on to become Swabbers.


Job scope of a Swabber

Swabbers are those who collect lab samples for testing by swabbing patients or those suspected to have Covid-19.

Since it is a rather delicate nasopharyngeal swab procedure, individuals will receive on-the-job training as Swab Assistants first, and be promoted to Swabbers later.


Swab Assistants are to help Swabbers with sample collection preparation, infection control while swabbing, and directing patients.

Swab Assistants’ pay is $3,400 per month, while Swabbers receive $3,800 monthly.

Requirements for Swabbers

Applicants must fulfil the following requirements to be considered for the job:

  • Medically fit with no history of chronic illnesses
  • Proficient in their Mother Tongue — fluency in dialects or Bengali is a plus
  • Able and willing to work in shifts and extended hours, including weekends if needed
  • N level or WPLN5 education level


Swabbers will most likely be deployed at community recovery facilities, nursing homes and government quarantine facilities.

Safety measures

Swabbers and Swab Assistants will be trained and familiarised with all parts of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and given N95 masks.


Safe distancing will be adhered to at all times, on top of sub-division of zones within the working area to reduce cross-infection.

Their schedules will not be packed, to ensure that there will be no crowding of people, and they will be given sufficient rest as well.

They should not spend more than 4 hours in their PPE per shift.

SGUnited Jobs Initiative

As mentioned previously, Swabbers and Swab Assistants fall under the SGUnited Jobs Initiative, helping Singaporeans with employment during this difficult period.

Individuals who are interested in the Swabber job can sign up here.

Those who are not but are also seeking jobs can check out virtual career fairs here, which change regularly and are sorted according to more specific industries.

Essential jobs to help those who need it

This could be your opportunity to give back and do your part if you’re currently unemployed, so do consider signing up for this job if you’re able to.

Share this with your family and friends if they need steady income and are interested to join the fight against Covid-19.

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