SAF Has Mobile Swab Station Screening Migrant Workers, Increases Safety & Efficiency

On Tuesday (12 May), Singapore announced that all 323,000 migrant workers will undergo testing for Covid-19 before resuming work.

All Workers Living In S’pore Dorms To Be Tested For Covid-19, Only 10% Have Been So Far

To aid this process, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) deployed the Mobile Swab Station in dormitories, as seen in this Facebook video by MINDEF.

This testing vehicle will speed up testing and better protect the healthcare team with enhanced features in place.

Mobile Swab Station only takes 15 minutes to assemble

The exterior of the Mobile Swab Station looks like a typical SAF Cross Country Ambulance.


However, it is combined with features from the SG Safe booth designed by medical practitioners from Singapore General Hospital.


It gives testing teams a safe, enclosed space, providing them with additional protection while screening potential Covid-19 patients.

As you can observe from the video, installing a glass panel with gloves allow testing teams to conduct the swab test more safely.


There is also a pigeon hole-like compartment to allow migrant workers to drop their swab samples, minimising interaction between tester and testee.


Furthermore, these additional features only takes 15 minutes to assemble and tear down, making it not only a safe but also efficient option.

App speeds up efficiency of Mobile Swab Station

Complementing this innovative conversion is the Mobile Express Scanner, an app developed by our army engineers.


With just a simple smartphone scan of documents, authorities are able to collect information in a central system, allowing them to process their information more quickly.


Their personal information will then be conveniently printed out on swab labels for lab uses, before they proceed to the Mobile Swab Station.


System deployed across dormitories

While Singapore only managed to screen 10% of migrant workers as of Tuesday (12 May), we are hoping this new testing vehicle can accelerate the procedure.

They are covering testing in non-Purpose-Built dormitories over the next few weeks.

Hopefully, we will be able to test all 323,000 migrant workers soon, containing this pandemic swiftly.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.