Fairprice Group Pledges S$378,000 To Charity & Thanks Healthcare Workers By Giving Out Free Drinks

Since late January when Covid-19 was first detected in Singapore, healthcare staff have toiled day and night to ensure the virus is kept in check.

As a gesture of appreciation, NTUC Fairprice Group is donating funds to ensure they are well taken care of during this arduous fight.

In particular, food establishments like NTUC Foodfare, Kopitiam and Wang Café will be serving healthcare workers complimentary beverages as a sign of gratitude.


Food stores are joining efforts to encourage healthcare staff

From Wednesday (4 Mar), medical staff can enjoy a refreshing cup of milo at 13 NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam outlets.


The promotion will run till 18 Mar, during which $120,000 worth of milo is expected to be distributed.

5 Wang Café outlets will also be serving medical staff free homemade Barley drinks until next Monday (10 Mar).


To enjoy the complimentary beverages, healthcare workers need only to visit the stores in their uniforms or flash their staff pass.

MS News has reached out to NTUC Fairprice regarding the participating outlets and will update this article once we receive a reply.

Singapore is banding together to combat Covid-19 alongside healthcare staff

In total, NTUC Fairprice Group has pledged $378,000 to charity, part of which will go towards efforts aimed at supporting our healthcare staff.

Many Singaporeans are also implementing their own heartfelt initiatives to show appreciation towards our healthcare heroes.

These kind gestures serve as a reminder for Singaporeans to help each other in times of difficulty.

As we stay united, we will definitely be able to overcome this obstacle.

Featured image adapted from Wikimedia Commons & Changi Airport