Mr Brown’s Calls For #AlternativePoliceSignboards Capture S’poreans Social Pet Peeves Perfectly

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Mr Brown’s Alternative Police Signboards Idea Plays Up Good Social Etiquette

We’ve all seen these popular police signboards in our neighbourhoods.

They may not necessarily spell good news, because they’re there to alert people about crime.


Occasionally, you may even chance upon a wittier version of the police signboard, complete with a popular movie reference.


Now, Singaporean blogger Mr Brown is proposing alternative police signboards, asking netizens to get creative and contribute funny ideas for the conventional crime alert notice.

His version?


“19 arrested for playing their phones out loud on the bus and MRT.” Looks like social etiquette is serious business to the guy.

Netizens share bright ideas for police signboards

Netizens were quick to pitch their bright ideas, with many airing their pet peeves of everyday social life in Singapore.

This Facebook user simply wants people to appreciate his efforts for holding the door.


Another user amplified his pet peeve towards a certain occupation by giving a 6-figure digit number of “people arrested”.


Meanwhile, another Facebook user clearly thinks people should keep their sleeping posture in check when sleeping on public transport.


You can check the rest of the comments out for more brilliant ideas here.

Maintaining proper social etiquette

If Mr Brown’s post proves anything, it’s that proper social etiquette means a lot to Singaporeans.

It’d be extreme to have people arrested for being inconsiderate towards others, though we should thank Mr Brown for reminding us what it means to make Singapore a better society for everyone.

What do you think people should be – jokingly – arrested for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

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