Teacher In M’sia Mindblown By ‘Gen Z’ Answers In Assignments, Says He Wasn’t Prepared For Them

Teacher In Malaysia Mindblown By ‘Gen Z’ Answers In Assignments

A teacher in Malaysia recently shared his surprise upon seeing some ‘Generation Z’ (‘Gen Z’) answers written in his students’ assignments.

Mindblown by the answers, he stated that he was not prepared for them.

The answers ranged from popular Gen Z memes to suggestive and humorous responses.

‘Gen Z’ answers baffles teacher

In a TikTok video uploaded on 30 Jan, the teacher @eaiisnotez lamented about how his students had penned ‘Gen Z’ answers in their assignments.

@eaiisnotez PLEASEREEEE I M NOT READY FOR THIS #school #malaysia #malaysian #upsr #education #spm ♬ original sound – eai

Firstly, he showed a science question asking students to ‘state two characteristics for the animal shown in Picture 1’, which depicted a bat.

The question likely wants students to describe specific physical characteristics of the bat, such as having wings or fur.

In response, the student wrote ‘Kovid 19’ (‘Covid-19’) and ‘can fly’, which the teacher found to be “mindblowing”.

Source: @eaiisnotez on TikTok

The teacher then showed an English assignment, which assessed students on their ability to complete a simple conversation.

For one such conversation, the given starter was ‘Can I watch the television now? I’ve completed my homework’.

The student’s response to this was: ‘Pooja what is this behaviour’.

The aforementioned catchphrase has its roots in a conversation between two women arguing in an Indian reality show, which later became a viral meme.

Source: Tenor

In the show, the catchphrase escalated into a petty argument that many netizens have derived amusement from.

Teacher teases to bring back national exams

Towards the end of the video, the teacher teased to bring back UPSR (Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah), which is Malaysia’s now-abolished national examinations for Primary Six students.

Earlier, he also highlighted that he would be more accepting if his students were in primary school, but the students in question were already in secondary level.

Some netizens in the comments echoed his sentiment. One user called for the reinstatement of both UPSR and PT3 (Third Form Assessment), with the latter also already scrapped in recent years. 

Source: TikTok


However, others took a more lax view of the situation. In particular, one user claimed that this situation was better than their experience with their own students, who would leave questions completely blank.

Source: TikTok

What do you think about these ‘Gen Z’ answers?

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Featured image adapted from @eaiisnotez on TikTok

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