Genting Highlands Apartment Management Clarifies Building Isn’t Haunted, Threatens Legal Action Against Rumour-Mongers

Genting Highlands Apartment Management Taking Legal Action Against False Claims Of Hauntings

Genting Highlands has always been a hot destination for tourists, be it for its casinos or resorts.

But apart from these typical attractions, an apartment complex, Amber Courts, has attracted many curious paranormal enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these sparked rumours about supernatural activities there, which has apparently caused much inconvenience to the residents and management.

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Residents eventually grew so frustrated with the false claims that they held a protest.

The apartment’s management has since decided to take legal action against baseless allegations to stop the rumours from spreading and affecting the property’s value.

Genting Highlands’s Amber Court residents hold protest

According to The Star, on 18 Jun, over 100 residents gathered outside Amber Court in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, to protest against content creators who make videos or content alleging that the apartment complex is haunted.

Internet celebrities and YouTubers have apparently been filming their videos in the dark and breaking into residents’ houses in the middle of the night, China Press understands.

They would also use different angles and sound effects to fake supernatural activities and ‘ghosts’, reported Oriental Daily.

In a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department on Wednesday (22 Jun), management chairman Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said that the allegations were baseless and that no one has seen a ghost nor encountered any supernatural activity at the apartment.

genting highlands

Source: The Star

I believe these people who are making videos are just doing it to make themselves popular or have a hidden agenda.

Some individuals would even claim that they were ‘masters’ with abilities to get rid of the ‘ghosts’ in the apartment — for a fee.

Already labelled as haunted for decades, residents have expressed their opinions that such false claims are unfair.

False supernatural claims damage the apartment’s reputation

After conmen allegedly offered to “cleanse the apartment of bad spirits”, several residents decided to lodge police reports, noted The Star.

Besides such instances, claims of hauntings have reportedly led to property prices falling as they damage the apartment’s reputation.

Quoting a former management chairman, The Star wrote that,

While it costs at least RM1,000 per sq ft at other properties around Genting Highlands, the Amber Court property was currently only valued at around RM250 per sq ft.

In light of this, Oriental Daily reported that the management will start rebranding the estate. Part of their effort includes carrying out improvement works over the next six years, such as:

  • Repairing and repainting the exterior
  • Replacing infrastructure

They also plan to upgrade the security system and deploy more security guards.

Legal action against false rumours

On 22 Jun, the management announced that they will take legal action against anyone who spreads rumours that could damage the apartment’s reputation.

They are adamant that such unscrupulous acts stop immediately, as residents will no longer tolerate them.

The management’s legal team is currently looking into the matter, stated China Press.

Hope residents can live in peace

For decades, Amber Court has been the subject of viral stories of hauntings that have unfortunately defined its existence.

Though content creators might think that such claims are harmless, the consequences have evidently been unpleasant.

In this case, the rumours have disrupted residents’ peace and tainted the condo’s name.

But now that the authorities are planning to take serious action, we hope that Amber Court can re-establish its reputation.

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Featured image adapted from SMACKXI on YouTube and The Star.

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