Panda Makes Ambitious ‘Prison Break’ From Beijing Zoo, Keeper Lures Him Back With Food

Giant Panda Scales 1.8m Fence In Beijing Zoo

Watching our very own panda cub grow and witnessing all his firsts has warmed our hearts in recent months. But once a panda is fully grown, some can achieve remarkable feats like breaking out of their enclosure.

On Wednesday (15 Dec), a panda named Meng Lan broke out of his enclosure in Beijing Zoo. The chonky creature successfully scaled his tall fence to escape.


Netizens have called him the true kungfu panda for his ambitious “prison break”.

Giant panda escapes enclosure

China Global Television Network (CGTN) shared a video of Meng Lan climbing a 6-foot tall fence on YouTube.

The mischievous panda managed to haul his chubby body over the fence.

giant panda 1Source

Then, he stealthily climbed down the other side like a true kungfu master.

giant panda 2Source

The panda made it into a “buffer area” not accessible to the public. This place is located between the sports field and the panda viewing area.

giant panda 3Source

From there, it seems he climbed another wall where stunned tourists could watch his ongoing escape.

giant panda 4Source

Giant panda lured back by zookeeper

According to a post by Beijing Zoo on Weibo, the zookeeper used food to lure him back to his enclosure.


The animal followed the scent and made it back to the breeding grounds.


Upon confirmation that he had no injuries, the panda happily played in the playground. In the meantime, the zoo will ramp up security to deter a future escape.


Hope panda will stay safe and secure

We’ve seen kungfu pandas in animated films, but we never thought a real-life panda could do the same until today.

While his escape was entertaining to watch, we hope Meng Lan will continue to stay in a safe and secure environment.

Kudos to the zookeeper for luring him back home.

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Featured image adapted from Youtube

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