Girl In China Conducts ‘Surgeries’ & ‘Scans’ On Pet Corgi Using DIY Equipment Dad Made

Girl In China Pretends To Be A Doctor, Checks & ‘Operates’ On Pet Corgi

Kids these days have technology at their fingertips, so it’s rare to see children amusing themselves without an iPad.

In China, a girl and her pet corgi have captured the imaginations of many with their adorable role-playing videos.

Most of their videos together feature the young girl dressed up as a doctor, tending to her canine ‘patient’.

What’s more impressive is the elaborate and semi-realistic set-up in each of the scenes.

Girl conducts ‘medical procedures’ using DIY toy equipment

On 29 June, South China Morning Post (SCMP) shared a video of the adorable duo on Facebook.

In the clips, the girl could be seen giving the corgi a ‘dental check-up’ and a ‘CT scan’, among other health assessments.

Source: Facebook

While such treatments in real life might be uncomfortable for the animal, her pet seemed content receiving her gentle care.

Source: ke19892017 on Douyin

According to SCMP, some of the medical machines were lovingly made by the girl’s father.

Source: ke19892017 on Douyin

Having gone through a CT scan at 5 years old, the girl had innocently asked her parents if they could get one for her.

Considering how expensive the machines are, her father got creative and built one out of cardboard instead. He even fixed flashing lights onto the equipment to mimic the actual scanning process.

With her exciting collection of medical toys, the girl and her corgi have entertained many on the Chinese social media platform Douyin.

Adorable videos entertain viewers

As it turns out, the videos have had a positive impact on countless viewers.

One Facebook user remarked that the girl likely came from “a loving family”, as they’ve gone to “the extremes” to encourage their daughter.

Source: Facebook

One netizen praised the parents for giving their daughter a “happy childhood” with “so much fun and imagination”.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another commenter noted that the corgi had a good disposition — describing the pet as “patient”.

Source: Facebook

Of course, they didn’t forget to leave words of encouragement for the little girl, saying that she “will make a great doctor”.

Girl & corgi in China pretend to be doctor & patient

Thanks to the parents’ efforts, the little girl may be encouraged to pursue her dreams, should she decide to be a doctor.

Seeing how well she treats her pet and her natural curiosity in the subject, we sure hope like many others do, that she will achieve great things in the future.

Above all, seeing her enjoying herself without the need for a screen is definitely heartening.

Kudos to the girl’s loving parents for enriching her life. Hopefully, we’ll keep seeing more wholesome content from her and her pet dog for a long time.

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Featured image adapted from ke19892017 on Douyin.

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