Grab Promises 100 Rewards Points For Every Time Your Driver Cancels On You

Grab has been in the media spotlight lately and it doesn’t look like that’s stopping any time soon.

In Grab’s latest bid to win back their customers’ support, they announced that they will be “working towards zero cancellations“.

This came from a statement circulated via email on Sunday (7 Oct), which declared Grab’s intention to work towards reducing the number of cancellations made by Grab drivers.

Some flaws in Grab’s cancellation policies

In light of the recent trend of drivers cancelling rides, this new initiative is a timely compensation.

But we wonder why Grab isn’t acknowledging the problems arising from its cancellation system


They did however, thank users for their patience while introducing the new initiative,

As we work to address the factors that contribute to cancellations, we’d like to thank you for your patience by offering 100 GrabRewards Points every time you get cancelled on.

Grab did not however directly address “the factors that contribute to cancellations” that customers are facing.

Grab Drivers can still cancel up to 6 rides/week

A quick survey of ardent Grab users around our office helped us to uncover this.

Some irresponsible drivers may be abusing cancellation privileges of up to 6 rides/week, recently implemented by Grab.

Perhaps that’s the real reason why customers are complaining about unnecessary cancellations by drivers, resulting in long waits for rides.

100 GrabRewards Points won’t give you much

With Grab’s new promise, we’ll receive some amazing deals for our patience, right?

Nope. Sadly, Grab is like that free game you happily play and get addicted to, only to make you pay extra later in order to keep playing.

So what does 100 GrabRewards Points give you?


That’s right, 100 GrabRewards Points won’t qualify you for any exciting offers.

Unless you’ve already accumulated thousands of points or had a driver cancel on you more than 20 times, there aren’t many good deals you can have access to.

Here are some of the latest offers you can get with smaller amounts of GrabRewards Points:

800 points

  • $5 off coffee at Jones The Grocer
  • $5 voucher at Capitol Optical
  • 20% off a Special Book at Amazing Fables

1,000 points

  • $5 voucher at Bangkok Jam
  • $5 voucher at Siam Kitchen

We just want cheaper rides lah

Clearly, there aren’t many enticing deals that the rewards points can give you. Discounts or vouchers from popular brands like TopShop or RedMart require at least 2,000 points.

Even the minimum $5 off a Grab ride can only be redeemed with 2,200 points.

Let’s be real, not all of us find the rewards system particularly useful.

We wouldn’t spend so much on Grab rides and collect points that we can only spend on things we don’t really need.

Ultimately, we can all agree that cheaper rides are the best deals that would keep us on the app.

Bring back promo codes, Grab. We miss them.

Featured image from Grab.