GrabFood Girl Braves Blazing Sun & Pouring Rain In Cute Drawings Of Her Job

GrabFood Girl Shares On-The-Job Adventures In Adorable, Slice Of Life Illustrations

One thing Covid-19 seems to have unleashed is the inner artist in all of us. From baking to performing music on balconies, right brains all over Singapore have had some serious workout.

In this instance, one GrabFood Rider who dubs herself “GrabFood girl” exercised her creativity in a series of illustrations that depict her on-the-job adventures.

She shares the adorable drawings that ooze feel-good vibes in an album on Facebook.


Admittedly, her drawings are reminiscent of primary school art, with solid lines and colours – but the simplicity has its charm and manages to radiate optimism and lightheartedness.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s just let her art do the talking.

GrabFood girl started in January

Like any good author, the artist starts her story very clearly, explaining when and how she started delivering food.


She even gives the inside scoop and dishes some ‘trade secrets’ of food delivery.


Although she draws in 2D, she adds depth to her story by sharing her concerns while on-the-job.


Braving the blazing sun & pouring rain

Despite her troubles, the delivery rider overcomes challenges and goes the extra mile to make sure customers get their orders.


We think she even developed bodybuilder physique from all the exercise she inadvertently does. After all, every working day is leg day – and arms day, apparently.


Some encouragement, some awkwardness

Even so, it seems that GrabFood girl has some bright moments in her day.


As well as some awkward ones.


For those who don’t understand the Chinese characters, the mala uncle is basically asking GrabFood girl why she’s working so hard when she could take it easy by finding a boyfriend.

Delivering smiles to customers

While most of us see delivery riders as food transporters, it seems GrabFood girl sees herself as smile deliverer.


And we definitely agree with you, GrabFood girl.

After all, who wouldn’t smile when deliveries arrive, especially if that delivery is food?

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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