GrabFood’s Minimum Basket Value Of $8 From 13 Mar Means You’ll Think Twice About Ordering A Solo BBT

GrabFood Orders To Have $8 Minimum Basket Value, $0.20 Platform Fee

Do you use GrabFood to deliver small bites when you are just feeling peckish but not hungry enough for a whole meal? Have you ever ordered delivery for just 1 cup of bubble tea?

From Friday (13 Mar), you might want to think twice about doing so.

From 10am on that day, GrabFood will be implementing a “minimum basket value” of $8 for its deliveries.

It will also be charging a platform fee of $0.20.

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Minimum basket value to ensure orders are worthwhile

In the announcement, made on the Grab app, the company explained that as long as the items you are ordering have a minimum basket value of $8, which depends on the time of order and the area one is ordering from, there will be “no difference” to the customer.

If your order doesn’t hit the minimum basket value, you’ll have to pay “a small order fee” to “make up the difference”.

The move is in order to ensure that the orders are “worthwhile” for their merchants and delivery partners, it added.

Here’s a screenshot of the announcement on the Grab app:

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$0.20 platform fee to be added on 27 Mar

GrabFood also hit customers with another whammy: Regardless of whether your order hits the minimum basket value, it will add a $0.20 platform fee to your bill from 27 Mar.

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This fee for every order will to “go towards improving the overall GrabFood experience and service quality”, the company said.

Save money by combining orders with friends

We can’t imagine paying up to $8 for just a small snack or a drink, so if you feel like just a small snack, you might try to combine your order with friends or colleagues to make up the minimum basket value.

Otherwise, you might just want to actually walk out to get it, if you can, or leave unnecessary cravings unsatiated.

Featured image adapted from Grab.

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