GrabFood Rider Helps Geylang Resident Secure Their Chicken Even Though He’s Afraid Of Birds

GrabFood Rider Gets Request From Customer To Put Their Chicken Back Into The Cage

GrabFood riders deliver to scores of customers in a day, so we’re pretty sure that they would have received all sorts of delivery requests.

From singing Happy Birthday to buying an extra drink from another store, riders often go out of their way to oblige them.

One GrabFood rider recently received drop-off instructions that were quite bizarre, and it involved saving a chicken from getting eaten by a cat.


Despite his fear of birds, he successfully secured the chicken that was seen chilling in a pot along the HDB corridor. Kudos, good lad.

GrabFood rider asked to put chicken back into cage

According to the Facebook post, the rider wrote that he received a “weird request” about putting the chicken back into the cage.

GrabFood rider Brandon Ng, 26, told MS News that the request came in last week when he was tasked with making the delivery to a Geylang HDB block.

When he saw what the customer sent, he said he was quite surprised. He didn’t expect people to keep chickens at their HDB corridor in this day and age.

“I’m like thinking, it’s 2021, who keeps chickens like that in Singapore?” Ng said.

Catching chicken was ‘harder than fighting Muay Thai’

Ng described that the process of catching the chicken was “harder than fighting Muay Thai”.

Image courtesy of Brandon Ng

It didn’t help that he has a fear of birds too. But, he recognised that the chicken’s safety was more important.

I just put it inside later the chicken injured or what, I don’t want to feel guilty.

At one point, Ng said the chicken started flapping its wings really fast, and he shouted.

But, he swiftly rescued it in 5 minutes.

Customer gave him a tip for his efforts

Asked how the customer reacted to his deed, Ng said he didn’t get to see the customer in person as he wasn’t around.

Image courtesy of Brandon Ng

But his actions didn’t go unappreciated.

After securing the chicken and completing the delivery, he received a tip from the customer.

Kudos for prioritising the chicken’s safety

It’s always heartwarming to see people in the service industry go the extra mile to meet customers’ needs.

As far as bizarre GrabFood requests go, surely this takes the cake. Kudos to Ng for prioritising the chicken’s safety over his own fears.

Are you a GrabFood rider? What are some of the noteworthy requests you’ve received from customers? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Featured image courtesy of Brandon Ng. 

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