S’pore GrabFood Rider Allegedly Drinks Customer’s Milo Before Delivering It, Gets Banned By Grab

Singapore GrabFood Rider Allegedly Drinks Customer’s Iced Milo From McDonald’s

Having issues with your food delivery order, while unfavourable, does happen from time to time.

But a GrabFood customer in Singapore might have had it really bad after he caught a rider taking sips from the drink he ordered.

Source: @haziquehibri on TikTok

The customer has since received a full refund from the food delivery company.

GrabFood rider held Milo drink against mouth for at least 5 seconds

On Thursday (7 Sep), TikTok user @haziquehibri posted a video sharing the troubling experience he had with his recent GrabFood order.

@haziquehibri can’t believe this is what ends up being my first ever TikTok 💀 #fooddelivery #grabfood #service #unclestengmymilo #unclecheckforpoison #goodbyeMILOver ♬ original sound – haziquehibri

He started by explaining that he had recently ordered a meal from McDonald’s via GrabFood.

Source: @haziquehibri on TikTok

The clip then transitioned to a scene showing a man wearing a GrabFood uniform, drinking from a McDonald’s cup.

He appeared to be holding the cup with both hands and positioning it against his face for at least five seconds.

Source: @haziquehibri on TikTok

The footage was apparently captured by the intercom system at Hazique’s condominium.

Hazique shared that he initially thought the GrabFood rider had bought a drink for himself while waiting for his order.

However, that changed moments later when the rider arrived at his door carrying just one drink with him.

Upon receiving the drink, Hazique noticed that the cup’s mouthpiece was extremely wet.

Source: @haziquehibri on TikTok

He then confronted the rider, pointing out that he had seen him drinking from a cup earlier via the surveillance camera.

However, the rider allegedly acted puzzled and simply replied, “Huh?”

Hazique ended the video by expressing shock over the rider’s five-star rating and wondered if he was on other food delivery platforms.

Source: @haziquehibri on TikTok

He claimed that he feels for food delivery riders and understands that they might get thirsty while working. However, in such situations, he’d rather they take the drink completely than pass him something that they’ve “put [their] lips on”.

Speaking to MS News, Hazique shared that the incident happened on 31 Aug after he ordered a Double McSpicy Meal via GrabFood.

He said that he considered eating the food that came with the meal but eventually threw everything away as he “didn’t quite have the appetite”.

Grab provides full refund to customer

In a post on Instagram, Hazique wrote that Grab has provided him with a full refund.

This was after he informed them that he had thrown away the entire meal. He claimed that Grab had initially offered a refund of just S$4.

In light of what happened, Hazique reminded other customers to be vigilant and check their food before consuming it.

Responding to MS News’ queries, a Grab spokesperson said that they had banned the delivery rider on the day of the incident.  The spokesperson also emphasised that his actions violated the company’s code of conduct.

They assured users that this was a “one-off incident”. Moreover, it does not reflect the high standards their delivery partners should uphold.

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Featured image adapted from @haziquehibri on TikTok

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