New GrabPay Service Lets You Send Money To The Philippines Instantly

Sending money to the Philippines is now fast, easy and cheap thanks to GrabPay.

GrabPay’s remittance service lets locals send money to the Philippines with a $0 transfer fee. This enables recipients from the Philippines to keep more money received from locals and Filipino workers based in Singapore.


Here’s what you need to know about sending money from your GrabPay Wallet to another GrabPay Wallet in the Philippines.

Send money to the Philippines via GrabPay with $0 transfer fee

Sending money to the Philippines only takes 5 minutes with GrabPay wallet.

The most notable features are the $0 transfer fee and competitive exchange rates. For Singapore-based Filipino workers, this means that their family and friends can keep more of what they sent.


The recipient can then seamlessly transfer the money to their own bank account or use the money to pay for Grab services.

No need to visit a bank to send money. All you need to do is log in through a SingPass ID and complete a short form.


How it works

The transfer process happens in an instant. Here’s how you can get started.

Select the ‘Payment’ option at the bottom of the navigation bar.


Select the ‘Transfer Now’ option.


Type the amount that you will transfer and choose ‘Next’.


You can either select the recipient from your ‘Contact Book’ or enter their mobile number.


Once you’ve reviewed the necessary details, tap the ‘Confirm’ option.


Finally, you’ll get a digital receipt of the transaction that includes the amount you sent in SGD and its corresponding amount in Philippine Peso (PHP).


Fast & easy transfer process

GrabPay lets locals send remittances to the Philippines with a $0 transfer fee. You can view their website to find out more details.

GrabPay’s latest feature only lets you send your money from a GrabPay wallet to another GrabPay wallet based in the Philippines. However, the company plans to expand these services so you can send money to other Southeast Asian countries soon.

We hope that GrabPay will let us send more money to more countries. Here’s to hoping we can use the GrabPay wallet to pay locally and internationally in the near future.

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Featured image from GrabPay.