This S$2.3K Umbrella By Gucci & Adidas Is Non-Waterproof, Meant For ‘Decorative Purposes’ Only

Gucci & Adidas Release S$2.3K Non-Waterproof Umbrella As Collectable Item

Picture this: You’re walking on your way home when suddenly, the clouds turn dark and raindrops start falling on you.

You quickly open your umbrella so you can seek shelter from the rain.

This almost always works unless you are holding the latest Gucci and adidas umbrella in your hand.

Gucci recently released an umbrella as part of their adidas x Gucci Collection that looks good — except it is not waterproof.

The brand said that the umbrella is meant for “decorative purposes”, and that it’s a collectable item.

Gucci x adidas collection features a non-waterproof umbrella

According to Gucci’s official website, the luxury brand collaborated with sports brand adidas to release an adidas x Gucci Collection Umbrella.

The umbrella is part of the collection apparently “inspired by the creative director’s fond memories of the 1980s and 1990s”. It features adidas’s signature three white stripes and a Trefoil print intertwined with Gucci’s colours on the canopy.

It is available in red or blue.

It also has a carved birch handle in the shape of the letter ‘G’, presumably representing one half of Gucci’s icon.

What’s interesting, or somewhat questionable, about this umbrella is that the website stated that it’s “not rainproof” under the details of the product page.

Despite that, the umbrella does not come cheap — it is retailing for a whopping S$2,280 (11,100 yuan).

Recommended for ‘sunshade or decorative purposes’

If you’re wondering how to use the umbrella, Gucci stated that it is recommended for “sunshade or decorative purposes only”.

8world News also shared that the brand said this umbrella is worth keeping as a collectable item, instead of using it as a daily necessity.

Perhaps the brand aims to appeal to brand-conscious folks or those who simply want to take their #OOTD shots with the umbrella.

The product will be released on 7 Jun, along with other clothing items and bags included in the collection.

Not your typical umbrella for sure

The newly launched umbrella proves that the luxury brand knows how to value aesthetics over functionality.

After all, where else can you find an umbrella that’s this costly yet does everything except serving its primary function — to protect you from the rain?

That said, we’re quite certain that avid Gucci collectors will probably purchase this unique parasol — just so they can complete their collection and take a stroll with it. In the sun, that is.

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Featured image adapted from Gucci’s official website

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