Haidilao China Has Hotpot-Themed Earrings Perfect For Mala Devotees

Hotpot‘s popularity is undoubtedly increasing around the world. If you’re a die-hard fan who’s constantly thinking about your next steamboat gathering, Haidilao China’s latest merchandise line is perfect for you.

Haidilao China has released its new line of jewellery, along with other hotpot merch like tote bags, according to international food & travel publication Gold Thread.


Hotpot ingredient earrings from Haidilao China

Haidilao’s latest jewellery collection comprises 4 choices — 2 spices and 2 ingredients.

These chilli earrings are perfect if you’re looking to spice up your style in a subtle manner.


Everyone would be familiar with the shock and disgust of biting into one of the star anise pieces hidden in their nasi biryani.

You won’t have to be wary around these star anise earrings though, they make stylish accessories, without being a hazard for your tongue.


No hotpot session is complete without staples like mushrooms. These adorable fungi can now be a staple in your wardrobe too.


Lotus root, with its soup-absorbing properties, is one of the best ingredients to submerge in your hotpot.

If you’re a lotus root fan who die-die have to order it, these are the perfect earrings for you.


Trendy tote bags also available

Apart from earrings, Haidilao China also has a series of tote bags in eye-catching designs.

This design is more traditional, featuring 4 men holding the hotpot utensils in a taichi-fashion. It features the word “lao” (捞), which in hotpot context means to retrieve ingredients from the pot.


The other tote bag design has a cleaner, contemporary vibe and features veggies commonly cooked in hotpot.


The final design serves as a bright reminder for all to “come and lao lao (捞捞) if you’re free”. The caption also features a pun — the words “lao lao” (唠唠) – nagging in Chinese – replaced by “lao lao” (捞捞), which translates to the aforementioned meaning.


Even if we can’t have hotpot all the time, at least we can have a piece of it with us.

Sticky notes to remind you of your next hotpot date

They also have sticky notes inspired by the Haidilao hotpot layout.


Maybe you can write the deets for your next hotpot gathering with your friends on these notes.


Only available in China for now

Cute as they are, it seems like the merch will only be available in Mainland China for now.

Guess the only way to show your love for hotpot is to go visit the nearest hotpot restaurant.

Otherwise, if you have friends who are currently in China, you can try asking them for a favour!

Featured image adapted from Radii Media.