World’s Largest Hotpot In China Required 2 Cranes To Assemble

No CNY reunion dinner is complete without having steamboat with your family. Those with big families will, however, be familiar with how difficult it is to fit everyone into that small dining table.

Folks in China seems to have found a solution to this.

Recently, a Chinese hotpot company unveiled the world’s largest hotpot that can feed up to 56 people.


World’s largest hotpot can hold 2,000 litres of broth

This hotpot, which measures 1m in height and 10m in diameter, can reportedly hold up to 2,000 kg of brotharound 2,000 litres, assuming it’s 1kg/litre.

Combined with soup and ingredients, the whole hotpot weighs a whopping 13 tonnes, according to Xinhuanet.

Of course, no hotpot is complete if it only has 1 soup base.


Like most hotpot establishments, the pot is separated into 2 sections so diners can choose which soup they’d want to have. In this case, there are two choices available — clear and spicy broth.

Malaysian Chinese news site Sinchew Daily reported that patrons can even choose how spicy they want their soup to be.

Giant hotpot required 2 cranes to assemble

The pot was so huge, it reportedly required 2 cranes and other machinery to put it together.

The hotpot was unveiled at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and was meant to showcase “China’s intangible cultural heritage”, reported Xinhuanet.


A popular Chongqing hotpot shop, Morals Village (De Zhuang) Hot Pot, created the huge pot for this event. Since it was for an import expo, there was a twist — more than 10 ingredients were imported.


The hotpot featured ingredients like tripe from New Zealand, Indian chillies, and Australian beef, just to name a few.

Giant hotpot feeds 56 people

Surrounding the giant hotpot are 56 smaller pots, allowing everyone to eat together.


The hotpot, according to Xinhua, used around 2,000kg of seasoning, 200kg of pepper and 500kg of chilies.

Mingzihui reports that guests ate an astonishing amount — 40,000 sausages and 9,000kg of tripe within 5 days.

Giant hotpot is a hit with people

The giant hotpot was apparently well-received, and lots of people reportedly queued to have a chance at trying the hotpot. Well, when else will they get the chance to say they enjoyed a dinner on this scale?

We guess this also solves the “can jio everyone meh?” question. However, your new problem will be to find a house large enough to keep the pot.

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Featured image adapted from People’s Daily.