Mother Is Ashamed Of Son Being A Grab Driver, Doesn’t “Have The Heart” To Celebrate Hari Raya Puasa

Netizens Try To Put Her In Her Place, Remind Her That Being A Grab Driver Is A Decent Profession

Being a private hire driver is tough work. Although the hours are self-imposed, they are typically long and exhausting.

In addition to having to deal with unruly drunk commuters, one private-hire car driver also has to contend with a mother who is ashamed at his career choice.

The mother in question wrote a message, presumably to a Facebook page (as she addresses it to an ‘admin’ and requests that her profile be hid).

The text was reproduced by Dzar Ismail, DJ for local radio station RIA 89.7FM.

You might remember him from his tale about the domestic helper from hell:

Anyway, back to business.

The purpose of the letter was to ask if she could remove the private hire decal from her son’s car for “one day”. Her reasoning was that the traffic police was “off” on Hari Raya Puasa (which they are not).

It’s as foolhardy as it sounds.

We translate her letter after the jump.

Lost and found in translation

Here is a transcript of the letter, translated to English:

Hello admin, please hide auntie’s profile. In view of Hari Raya that is coming soon, I will gather with my family at home. My child is currently working as a Grab driver because he was terminated from his previous job. He used to have a car of his own. Now I have observed that his car has the ‘private hire’ sticker attached to the windshield.

My family is big. I have 11 siblings, and my nephews and nieces are all “high flyers”. You know how Hari Raya is like. People will ask about your jobs and pay and all.

To be frank, I am ashamed if people ask me “Where is your son working at?” [because he drives Grab]. I don’t even have the heart to go for family gatherings, but because it is family I have to attend. I’m afraid they will see the ‘private hire’ sticker on my son’s car.

I want to know, is it possible to block off the label or remove it entirely for one day? From what I know, the traffic police is off on Hari Raya, right?

Considering that the writer took the time to pen an entire letter that airs her deeply personal sentiments, we wonder why she didn’t take a few seconds to Google her query.

If she did, she’d have found out that the decals are tamper-proof, and cannot be reused once removed, according to an LTA press release.

Let the schooling begin

Almost immediately, Malay netizens jumped on her bigoted views.

Deservedly getting called out, the woman received an education of the realities of adulting.


Hello auntie, I am a Grab driver. The reason I am one is because when I ORDed, the economy was not strong . So I decided to drive for Grab. It’s been 2 years since I first started Grabbing. When Hari Raya comes, I am not embarrassed because I know I’m spending my time wisely as opposed to sitting at home unemployed.

At least I have an income and I have a vehicle to bring my family out for meals and shopping in JB. I don’t understand the need to lose face.

In regards to the private hire decal, would you like it if your it if your child faces fines? It is not the TP that gives them out but the LTA. The fine can be paid off but it is the demerit points that are difficult to to be cleared.

I implore you to reflect on this. I support your son’s Grab career.

Another commenter mocked the classism on full display, and sarcastically encouraged to fully lean into the lie.

Aiya can is can auntie. For that two days, just don’t ask your child to drive. After that go to LTA to fix a new one [label]. But if you wanna do that, make sure your child drives a BMW or Mercedes. People say if you wanna do something, might as well go all out. If the family ask anything, just create a story say your child helped Najib at 1MDB. Before Najib gets booted he donated 2 million. (Laughs)


Wake up call

Hopefully, this episode will have served to awaken the writer to the realities of society.

There is nothing to be ashamed about operating a private hire vehicle. It is just as legitimate a career as any other desk-bound job.

Perhaps this revelation might finally lift her spirits and get her out of the house for Hari Raya.

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