National Day EZ-Link Cards Feature Hawker Heroes, Show Off Your UNESCO Pride

National Day EZ-Link Cards Feature Hawker Heroes, Show Off Your UNESCO Pride

EZ-Link Releases Hawker Heroes-Themed Cards For National Day

With National Day just around the corner, we can expect to see folks getting into the spirit by hanging Singapore flags outside their homes.

Brands are also getting in on the action. To celebrate our nation’s 57th birthday, EZ-Link will be releasing a line of limited edition cards in collaboration with local artists.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link Pte Ltd

Eight designs are separated into two collections, and the cards will go on sale starting this Saturday (25 Jun).

Each card will cost S$10 and does not come with any load value, so remember to top it up before flexing your card at the gantry.

Everyday hawker scenes memorialised in EZ-Link cards

Singapore’s diverse hawker culture is such an important part of our identity that it’s a part of UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

To celebrate our hawker heroes, artist Ah Guo serves up a series of lovely illustrations depicting families working away in their stalls in his signature child-like art style.

Each drawing shows a kid visiting different stalls to pick up a variety of local favourites, such as popiah, prata, and nasi lemak.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link Pte Ltd

If the artwork looks familiar, it’s because they were first launched back in 2019.

Explaining his work, Ah Guo said,

This series presents our local hawker culture through a child’s perspective, to invoke the nostalgia associated with the hawker centres that many of us have frequented since young.

Look out for the collection’s release on 4 Jul at the EZ-Link official store on Shopee.

Vibrant depictions of Singapore’s rich history & culture

Launching earlier is Kelly Ser’s ‘Not Just a Little Red Dot’ collection, which features historically significant districts in vibrant colours.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link Pte Ltd

Memorable occasions such as the Merlion’s official unveiling in 1972 as well as the launch of our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, in 1981 make up the other two designs.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link Pte Ltd

Ms Ser said,

I hope that these cards can brighten up their everyday moments and serve as vibrant reminders of Singapore’s rich history and culture, especially as these landmarks are often mainstays in the backdrop of commuters’ everyday journeys.

Like Ah Guo’s hawker series, the collection will also go on sale at the EZ-Link official store on Shopee. You’ll be able to get your hands on it from this Saturday (25 Jun).

A must-have for any EZ-Link card collection

EZ-Link cards have grown beyond just being currency for public transport and into something of a collectable in recent years.

Whether you’re an avid collector or not, these cards are certainly high up on the list of must-haves.

So put some money aside and set a reminder to log into Shopee when these cards go on sale.

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