Old Airport Road Hawker Helps Man Who Lost His Job Due To Covid-19 By Letting Him Do Deliveries

UPDATE (31 Mar, 5pm): Jun Yuan House Of Fish received overwhelming support from Singaporeans who donated a total of S$700 and bought S$50 worth of food in order to help Ah Guai. They took to Facebook to thank everyone for their help, urging all to keep this “kampung spirit” going.

Many Singaporeans are stepping up to help one another following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Yet again, another heartwarming story hits us in the feels, reminding us to be kind to the people around us during this crucial period.

Jun Yuan House Of Fish, a hawker stall at Old Airport Road, is on an endeavour to help an unemployed man recover his source of income.


The hawker will be giving S$1 from each order to Ah Guai who will deliver your food to you by bike.

Hawker engages help of regular customer to deliver food

According to Jun Yuan House Of Fish’s Facebook post, Ah Guai, a regular customer of theirs, lost his job amid the virus outbreak.


They explain that the Singaporean will find it hard to obtain a new livelihood considering his age and lack of skills.

As such, the food stall decided to help him out by engaging his help to make deliveries.


The reason? He has a bicycle, and can make deliveries as a result.

Hawker will deliver up to 1km away from Old Airport Road

With the introduction of this new initiative, Ah Guai can put his cycling skills to good use and earn at least enough to feed himself.

Jun Yuan House Of Fish is charging an additional fee of S$1 that will go entirely to Ah Guai.

They are extending this service to customers living up to 1km away from their Old Airport Road Branch.

This includes Singaporeans working at Mountbatten Square. 

Helping one another in times of need

If you are residing near Old Airport Road, do consider joining this heartfelt initiative to help a fellow Singaporean.

By ordering from the hawker via delivery, you will be able to aid Ah Guai during this difficult time.

Simply drop a text addressed to Jun Yuan House of Fish (Old Airport Road) at 9321 1866 to make your order.


Kudos to the kind hawkers for their heartwarming gesture, inspiring all of us to give back to our community during times of need.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook