Zen Ryokan With Tatami Dining Tables & Bamboo Walls Will Cure The Japan Travel Bug

We may be missing Japan’s relaxing onsens and inns due to travel restrictions. For this interior design studio, they’re aiming to cure the travel bug by designing homes that look like a classic Japanese ryokan.

Creatology Design Studio showed off their concept drawing for a 4-room HDB flat with tatami dining tables and bamboo walls. Just like a real Japanese inn, the minimalist interior is guaranteed to rejuvenate residents after a long day spent hustling.

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These eye-catching concepts might not be a reality yet, but we can’t wait to see them executed one day. In the meantime, let’s embark on a virtual tour of the house.

Zen ryokan with bamboo walls

Stepping into this 4-room BTO flat is like entering a Japanese inn that embodies a full Muji aesthetic.

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Wood-paneled walls and lights make it feel like you’re relaxing in a home close to nature until you catch sight of the nearby buildings. To unwind, guests can settle into grey, oversized pebble chairs and let their feet rest atop matching footstools.

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Closer inspection reveals that the walls are decked in bamboo. While we can’t travel to cozy ryokans, you can satisfy your wanderlust by spending your afternoon in this Zen space.

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They say simplicity is beauty so we’re loving this minimalist hallway decorated with nature-inspired paintings.


Open kitchen with low-level tables

An open kitchen allows for a sense of togetherness by letting homeowners cook and entertain guests simultaneously. Interestingly, we bet home cooks will fall in love with this pristine kitchen with snow-coloured tiles that complement the furniture.


Reminiscent of Japanese dining experiences from movies and dramas, this Zen ryokan has earthy tatami tables and seat cushions. We imagine sipping a bowl of ramen here seems like eating out in a Japanese restaurant.


Shoji doors leading to tatami room

Shoji doors – made with wooden frames and translucent paper – are one of the distinctive features that make it seem like you’re living in a foreign land.


This leads to a Japanese-style tatami room with a circular central lantern that lights up the modest space. The blissfully calm room is the ideal place for entertaining guests or reading novels for a well-deserved break.


A home that will transport you to dream destinations

Some of us are still torn over our axed travel plans. However, we can channel that energy into investing in a home that looks like our dream destination — say, a Japanese ryokan.

We’re glad that Creatology Design Studio’s concept drawings enable us to satisfy our wanderlust through their shoji doors, tatami rooms, and bamboo walls.

If you’re interested in similar interior designs, then head to their Instagram to find out more.

What home concept do you envision your dream HDB flats to take on? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Instagram