HDB Gate Can Now Include Pokémon, Doraemon And One Piece Characters

There’s no doubt that today, customisation is king.

The bespoke concept may not be new to those in the apparel industry.

But it has recently come to our attention that My Digital Lock, a local company specialising in gates, has embraced customisation too, and with great success.

Here are 12 unique gate designs from them that’s guarenteed to make your BTO stand out, without even having to step inside.

1. Pokémon

If you’re a fan of Pokémon like me, then this gate is just the one for you.


With the likes of Pikachu, Squirtle and Eevee looking over your house, any ill-intentioned  individual’s sure to be paralysed by their cuteness.

2. Avengers

If you’re looking for a more practical sort of protection, consider this Avenger-themed gate that features Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America.


With this gate, you can even look at who’s visiting your house through Iron Man’s light-emitting chest plate. What a brilliant touch.

3. Ultraman

If the Avengers are too ang-mor for you liking, perhaps this Ultraman-inspired gate’s the one you’re looking for.


The design also includes a neat cut-out of the symbolic Tokyo Tower, where Ultraman’s epic battle with Godzilla took place.

4. One Piece

While many of us can only dream of embarking on a grand adventure like Luffy and his nakamas, this gate will definitely be the highlight of your otaku gathering.



5. Totoro

If the dragged out, filler-filled One Piece episodes are not to your liking, perhaps a more vintage anime like My Neighbor Totoro may be more up your alley.


6. Doraemon

If you’re not familiar with Totoro, go with this Doraemon-inspired gate that comes with his famous bottomless magic pouch.


The gate also includes a detailed cut-out of a keyboard at the side, adding a subtle musical touch to your mundane house gate.

7. Mickey Mouse

If you’re a Disney fan, like most of us are secretly, then look no further than this gate with Mickey and his friends.


8. Premier League

Fan of the beautiful game? Well, we have something for you too.

Even though the Toon Army looks to be in pole position for relegation from the Premier League this season, your Newcastle-themed gate will be a permanent fixture in your BTO.


Otherwise, if you’re a glory hunter like most of us, why not opt for a Liverpool-themed gate?


A perfect piece of decoration for that victory party when the Reds lift the coveted Premier League trophy after a 28-year drought.

9. Star Wars

Have a bunch of Star Wars fans to impress? Look no further.

This gate is sure to cause some disruption in the force as your friends struggle to get a Insta-worthy shot of the gate.

10. Winnie-the-Pooh

Singapore may not have the luxury of having a lush forest like the Hundred Acre Wood, but with these adorable Winnie-the-Pooh characters adorning your gate, your home might just get a tad bit sweeter from the honey off Pooh’s paws.


Home sweet home indeed.

11. Lego

If there’s one childhood memory we all share, it’s one that involves our young selves stacking lego blocks.

Now with this Lego-themed gate, you can relive your childhood a little every time you step into your new apartment.


Don’t worry. You won’t be able to step on this Lego-themed gate, unlike those yellow Lego blocks, which inflict that familiar-sharp pain 100% of the time.

12. Optical Illusion

If you find the above designs tacky, this less-in-your-face design might just be the one for you.


In addition to deceiving passer-bys into thinking that your gate is the beginning of a hallway, it also give an impression of depth and space.

If you can create space out of thin air like that, surely there’s no need to spend extra dough on that BTO upgrade.

Tempted to get one?

Feeling the urge to get one of these unique gates for your BTO flats?

You can get these designs and more over at My Digital Lock, which has 300 designs that will surely suit your needs.

Prices start from $1,580 for a 3×7 feet gate, and $1,680 for a 4×7 feet gate.

Alternatively, if you’re one of ’em ah sia kias with deep wallets, customise your own gate for an additional $200.

What are you waiting for! Go forth and get yourself an innovative gate design that’s sure to make all your friends jelly!

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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