Feedback On Pick Lockers Can Earn You A $5 Qoo10 Voucher

Receiving parcels at our doorstep often makes a regular day feel a whole lot better.

Only when nobody’s home do we have to make our way to the nearest self-collection station or post office. But what if there’s a parcel locker just 5 minutes away from us?

That doesn’t have to be a dream anymore with Pick lockers.

24/7 parcel collection lockers in the heartlands

Accessible 24/7, Pick lockers allow you to collect the deliveries you’ve been waiting so eagerly for, anytime of the day.

By the end of 2021, 1,000 lockers will be available nationwide across HDB towns, selected Community Clubs, MRT Stations, and Bus Interchanges. Each of these will be about a 5-minute walk from most homes.

With Pick lockers right in your neighbourhood, collecting and returning parcels will be a breeze.

The greater convenience is exactly why 97% of over 10,000 residents Pick has surveyed so far agree that the parcel lockers will be a useful feature. They also said that they would use it when it’s available.

In ongoing efforts to reach even more residents, Pick would like to hear your views too.

And to prove just how valuable your feedback is, Pick is offering a Qoo10 shopping voucher in return. Here’s what you’ll need to know in order to get it.

Look out for mock-ups of Pick lockers islandwide

To give you a sense of what these lockers look like, Pick has set up mock-up lockers islandwide, right in the heartlands.

Image courtesy of Pick

Just 5 minutes away from your HDB home, walking over to check them out might even be quicker than your daily trips to the nearest kopitiam.

The mock-ups aren’t just for show, as completing a survey there will earn you a $5 Qoo10 voucher. Simply look for the QR code on the mock-up and scan it using your phone.

A form with several questions will pop up, which won’t take you long to answer. At the end of it, key in your mobile number so Pick can send you a SMS to claim your $5 Qoo10 voucher.

As Pick progressively rolls out more mock-ups across Singapore, you’ll be able to find them in your HDB town soon.

Only the first 100 to complete the survey at every location will get the voucher, so make sure you’re among the early birds there.

Get first dibs on the full list of upcoming mock-ups here, which will help you chiong to the nearest location before everyone else.

Share your views & enjoy some shopping too

Besides scoring a discount on your next Qoo10 haul, sharing about your online shopping habits could help others too.

Your positive feedback could lead to parcel lockers being set up in your estate, which your neighbours will surely be thankful for.

Enjoying the online shopping experience has never been quite as rewarding.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Pick.

Featured image adapted from Pick.