Hello Kitty Mahjong Sets Resold On Carousell For Up To S$800, FairPrice Urges Customers Against Buying

Scalpers Resell FairPrice Hello Kitty Mahjong Sets On Carousell For Steep Prices

Hello Kitty merchandise has always been in high demand in Singapore, known for creating notoriously long queues. Remember this incident from 2019?

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Carrier Had S’poreans Queueing Since 5.30am, Resold On Carousell For Twice The Price

It thus comes as no surprise that scalpers are using its sale to make some quick cash.

An exclusive limited edition, Hello Kitty mahjong sets are now available for purchase. However, scalpers are now reselling the items for exorbitant prices on Carousell.

Scalpers resell Hello Kitty mahjong sets on Carousell

The 152-tile Hello Kitty Mahjong Solitaire sets are on sale under NTUC FairPrice’s Bonus Points redemption programme.

Source: Carousell

From 1 Jan to 1 Mar 2023, interested customers can purchase it at NTUC FairPrice Xtra outlets for S$268 with six Bonus Points or S$308 with three Bonus Points. Its recommended retail price is S$388.

However, scalpers have begun to resell the items at Carousell for exorbitant prices. Numerous listings have popped up on the site, with different prices than those under NTUC FairPrice.

Source: Carousell

Most come under the recommended retail price, ranging from S$150 to S$388. However, some scalpers have listed the sets at steep prices of S$500, S$588 and S$600.

One such listing has even offered the set at S$800, more than double the retail price.

NTUC FairPrice urges buyers against purchasing sets

According to a Facebook post on 1 Jan, NTUC FairPrice has been notified of the listings on Carousell.

Source: NTUC FairPrice on Facebook

They have warned customers against buying the sets from such resellers, which come at different prices than the recommended retail price.

Furthermore, NTUC FairPrice will not be able to verify the authenticity or quality of resold sets. As such, they will be unable to render assistance if customers require any for the product.

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Featured image adapted from Carousell and Carousell.

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