2 Men Hit Each Other With Helmets At Woodlands Checkpoint, Arrested & Investigated For Affray

2 Men Arrested After Fighting Using Helmets At Woodlands Checkpoint

UPDATE (5 May, 9.40pm): The Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed the arrest of the two men caught fighting with helmets at Woodlands Checkpoint and are investigating them for the offence of affray. You may read the full updates below.

On days when there’s heavy traffic, it can easily take a few hours to get from one end of the Causeway to the other.

And when that happens, it’s easy for drivers’ tempers to flare.

That’s presumably what happened when two men were seen fighting at Woodlands Checkpoint.

Source: Facebook

In a short viral video, the pair were spotted hitting each other with motorcycle helmets as other riders watched.

Men fight with helmets at Woodlands Checkpoint, ends hilariously

The TikTok video was reposted on the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers(MSBC) 马新过境者 Facebook group and has garnered over 500 shares at the time of this article.

In the 10-second clip, a man in blue starts by slamming a motorcycle helmet on the back of a man in a purple t-shirt.

The swing was filled with so much vigour that the helmet ricocheted off the man in purple.

Source: Facebook

Without flinching, the man in blue threw one more punch before realising he was unarmed.

The man in purple then got back on his feet and checked over his shoulder for his assailant.

Source: Facebook

Realising his attacker was scrambling for his helmet, the man in purple took the chance to hit his foe.

However, just like his attacker, he lost grip on his helmet and after a single strike, was also left unarmed.

Source: Facebook

Now vulnerable as before, his attacker took the chance to smack the other man’s head with a helmet.

The impact seemed to have awoken a new side in the long-haired man as he skillfully dodged the next blow.

Trying to end the altercation, the man in purple pulled his attacker’s jacket over their head.

Source: Facebook

The video ends with the attacker stumbling around the crowded motorcycle lane at Woodlands checkpoint with a jacket over his head.

Travellers saw funny side to fight

With discourse over the traffic jams at both checkpoints reaching feverish highs, it’s nice to see comments finding humour in the situation.

One comment advises others who are not as skilled in fighting to wear their helmets instead of using them as weapons.

Source: Facebook

Another comment reads in Malay, “When the borders were closed, we complained. Now that they’re open, we punch”

Source: Facebook
Translation: When the border is closed, they complain, when it is opened, they punch

Bringing back the point of the jams, one netizen asks if the pair were taken to task.

Source: Facebook
Translation: Have they been arrested? Perhaps there’ll be fewer riders after they’ve been banned.

With the two of them off the roads, the netizen argued that there will be two fewer riders at the checkpoint.

Authorities detain 2 men after fight at Woodlands Checkpoint

All jokes aside, the duo did eventually end up in trouble with the law. In a media release on 5 May, SPF shared that they detained the two men while they were entering Singapore on Monday (3 May).

This was after the police received a report past midnight the night before, of a video capturing their altercation.

Early investigations pointed to “queue-cutting along the viaduct leading to the departure motorcycle zone at Woodlands Checkpoint” as the likely cause of the fight.

The men then allegedly pushed their motorcycles against each other before getting off their vehicles. The face-off with the helmets, as seen in the video, subsequently ensued.

Following their arrest, they are now under investigation for the offence of affray.

The police noted that if found guilty, both men may face up to one year in jail, a maximum S$5,000 fine, or both.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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