Ho Ching Tells S’poreans Not To Condemn Unvaccinated People, Some Have Their Reasons

Ho Ching Reminds Singaporeans To Be More Understanding Towards Unvaccinated People

With the Singapore government rolling out more vaccinations, almost 80% have been fully vaccinated.

Since then, there has been a hint of discrimination between those vaccinated and those who have not.

However, Temasek CEO Ho Ching posted on Facebook yesterday (27 Sep) to remind those who have been vaccinated to not condemn the unvaccinated.

She hoped people would be more patient with unvaccinated people since they could have their reasons.

We summarise her lengthy post below.

Ho Ching asks vaccinated people to be more patient

The majority of the people in Singapore have gotten their vaccination to reduce their likelihood of getting Covid-19, with 82% fully vaccinated as of 26 Sep.


However, there are also a group of people who have not yet been vaccinated due to various reasons.

Hence, Madam Ho wanted to take the opportunity to ask the vaccinated to not be impatient with the unvaccinated population.

She hopes that instead, they will persuade the older folks to get vaccinated if they have not already done so.

Many seniors are coming forward to get their shots, with a few hundred each day doing so.

Madam Ho also mentioned not to treat unvaccinated people as “idiots” because it is a sweeping statement. While some could be categorised as such, others might have their own fears and reasons.

Therefore, since we do not know the underlying reasons as to why an individual rather stay unvaccinated, Madam Ho tells us we should not be too quick to judge.

Singapore has seen positive vaccination rates

Madam Ho continued that even though many have suggested making the Covid-19 vaccination mandatory, she wanted to remind everyone about Singapore’s vaccination rate.

Despite not being coerced nor bribed, over 90% of teens and adults have been vaccinated, which is something worth celebrating.


Since those who have been vaccinated have done their part, it is understandable why they might grumble.

Nonetheless, Madam Ho encourages the vaccinated people to divert their anger and do something useful such as improving Singapore’s vaccination rates.

Additionally, she assured parents not to impose their anxiety and worries regarding Covid-19 on their children.

The pandemic has already taken a toll on our healthcare workers and authorities.

Hence, she said there is no need for us to kick up a fuss about a slight inconvenience when so many others are doing their best to improve the situation.

Singapore must work together to tackle Covid-19

Though Covid-19 is certainly inconvenient, we should look at the big picture. Like what Madam Ho said, being frustrated with the situation gets us nowhere.

The more we work together against the pandemic, the faster we can get out of this situation.

Hence, do be patient and try to persuade anyone you know who is still unvaccinated instead of raging at them.

In the meantime, do take care and stay safe.

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Featured image adapted from Ho Ching on Facebook and Ministry of Health on Facebook

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