Creators Of Beer Ramen Create Bubble Tea Udon

Some time ago, Canadian-Japanese restaurant Yuu Japanese Tapas released a dish called “Chilled Beer Ramen“.


Crafted with bonito flake broth and ramen noodles, we’re sure this dish tastes nothing as its name suggests.

However, if you think this sounds interesting, this restaurant’s propensity for intriguing concoctions doesn’t stop there.

On Tuesday (5 Nov), Yuu Japanese Tapas introduced something called Hokkaido Milk Tea Ramen.


The dish comprises Hokkaido milk tea, udon noodles, and Panna Cotta pearls, assuring you of the ultimate bubble tea experience.

Bubble tea is taking over the world

On the other hand, this dish raises another concern: Is this bubble tea trend getting out of hand?

Recently, Domino’s Taiwan released their very own Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Pizza. And now, Canada is having a Milk Tea udon.

It seems like people are trying to pair literally every dish with bubble tea, which leaves us wondering, what’s next? Laksa with bubble tea pearls?

Let us know in the comments if you have any culinary ideas.

Feature images adapted from Instagram and Instagram.