Honda Driver Fails To Park Properly At S’pore Carpark, Issued Colouring Practice To Stay Within Lines

Driver Of Honda Car Fails To Park Within Lot, Gets Colouring Exercise As A Joke

Poor parking jobs are probably something many motorists in Singapore have encountered before. But a driver of a silver Honda Shuttle apparently did theirs so badly that someone decided to leave a colouring practice sheet to teach them to ‘stay within the lines’.

Looking at the photo, the car appeared to be halfway out of its lot, clearly infringing into the lot beside it.

Whoever left the colouring exercise certainly made a good jab as the gesture amused many netizens.

Poorly parked Honda gets colouring practice sheet

While driving a car requires skill, parking one does too, which the driver of a silver Honda Shuttle seemed to lack. Either that, or they were in a rush and decided to park as they pleased.

In a post on 7 Dec, Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV shared a photo of the car in question not parked squarely in its intended lot.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

Although half of the car’s body sat within one lot, a good third of its right side ‘spilt over’ into the lot to its right.

Should there be no other lot left but the one beside it, we’re sure the other driver would have been vexed.

Noticing the evidently poor parking job, someone decided to leave the Honda driver a message by assigning them some ‘homework’ in the form of a colouring exercise with a note.

“Many three-year-olds have trouble staying within the lines,” the passive-aggressive note read. “Maybe if you practise colouring this turtle, it will help with your parking.”

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

The ‘turtle’ did appear to look more like a tortoise though. It also possessed the most judgmental stare possible.

Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook

SGRV uploaded a soft copy of the sheet, which implies that it’s easily available for anyone who might want to do the same.

Netizens find assignment funny

What the stranger did may seem like a lot of effort for a funny jab, but this isn’t the first time the colouring tortoise has appeared tucked under a wiper.

In 2021, a BMW driver who parked slanted received one, though the car appeared to be still within the lot.

And earlier this year, an Audi that was parked a little too far to the left received the passive-aggressive tortoise, alongside a fully aggressive note decrying the driver’s sexual prowess.

Source: Facebook

At least the tortoise message is less offensive. Netizens showed their support for the funny jab in the post’s comments.

Source: Facebook

Another user shared that they participated in such activities too. Unsurprisingly, the targeted drivers merely looked at the paper and tossed it away.

Source: Facebook

One commenter, however, decided to point out the fact that there could be some other side of the story. They brought up a disabled driver as a possible example.

Source: Facebook

Either way, we at least hope the judgmental tortoise lives rent-free in the heads of truly inconsiderate drivers so they’ll remember to park properly next time.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook.

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