Girl Gets Horse Mask Instead Of Surgical Ones, Now Has Total Protection

A face mask is an essential for going outside and losing one can ruin a day.

This almost happened to a girl, until her friends came to her rescue. However, they decided to take it to another level by getting the young woman a horse mask that is 100% reusable.

Horse mask


Instead of feeling mortified, she was sporting enough to don it in front of the camera. She even pranced around Sheng Siong Supermarket to do groceries with it.

Friends get horse mask for girl as prank

Friends of the girl spared no effort in finding her an extremely protective face mask, and went with an over-the-head rubber horse mask.

In the Twitter video, the young woman was visibly shocked when her friends returned with a huge horse mask instead of the surgical type.

Shocked girlSource

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. With the horse mask being the only option, she decided to try it on.

The mask does look pretty protective. After all, it protects the user from all directions though we do question its breathability.

Girl horses around at Sheng Siong

The girl horses around in Sheng Siong, perhaps to do the groceries.

Choosing fruits with horse maskSource

Supermarket aisleSource

Who’d ever thought they’d see a horse on a travelator…


…or on a slide?

Horsing on a slide

Face mask was found

Horse masks probably offer neigh-gligible protection against the coronavirus. Thankfully, the girl was revealed to be wearing a proper face mask when she removed the horse mask.

Horse mask removedSource

Bring an extra mask to avoid a night-mare

The moral of the story is that one should bring an extra face mask to avoid the hassle of asking from a stranger, or even buying an entire box.

Laughing horseSource

Thankfully, the girl had her friends to come to her rescue. Or so she thought.

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Featured images adapted from Twitter.