Micro Hotel Room In China Has Toilet Bowl Beside Bed, Only Costs S$11.70 Per Day

Micro Hotel Room In China Places Toilet Bowl Next To Bed

When it comes to hotels, tourists often consider price, cleanliness and amenities before deciding whether the accommodation suits their needs.

Unfortunately, with the issue of inflation, it may be more challenging to find reasonably priced lodgings that fit the budget.

However, this isn’t the case for this hotel in China, which charges a mere S$11.70 per day.

Here’s the catch — the rooms are unconventionally tiny, and you’ll have to spend your nights sleeping beside the toilet bowl.

Source: 黑猫长 on billibilli

Let’s have a closer look.

Hotel room in China has toilet beside bed

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), the hotel is located in a residential community in Zhengzhou, the capital city of the Henan province in China.

The hotel reportedly went viral after a local blogger shared his experience in one of the rooms on the video platform Billibilli in January.

In the video, the blogger, Hei Mao Zhang (transliterated from Chinese), spent around three hours in the eight sqm room.

First, he wakes up from his slumber and proceeds to wash his face at the sink conveniently located right beside the bed.

Source: 黑猫长 on billibilli

The room is so small that all he needs to do is to sit upright to use the sink.

Then, he continues with his routine, downing a glass of what appears to be orange juice.

Source: 黑猫长 on billibilli

At one point, he even sits on the closed toilet bowl beside the bed and reads a book.

Source: 黑猫长 on billibilli

Smell from toilet is ‘subtle’

He then gives viewers a tour of the room, which includes an air conditioner, mirror, coat hanger, kettle and ventilator.

Source: 黑猫长 on billibilli

“Most importantly, the room has a bed and toilet,” he says. “However, the bed is too close to the toilet. The smell is quite ‘subtle’,” he added.

According to him, the hotel charges a mere 60 yuan (S$11.70) per day.

As he stumbled upon the cheap room online, he decided to experience it out of “curiosity”.

However, Chinese netizens didn’t seem to share the same sentiment.

One netizen even compared the hotel to a prison cell, saying the latter was bigger than the room.

Another commented that the total cost of staying in the room for a month was the same as getting a proper apartment.

“Why do some people choose to live in such a small room with a toilet near the bed? It’s depressing,” they added.

Rooms are in high demand

SCMP reports that the hotel owner told Red Star News that the micro rooms are in high demand.

He added that many of the guests are patients and their relatives from a health centre nearby, while the remaining are students who are preparing for tests.

While unconventional, it’s also easy to see why some may choose to stay in this hotel — the low rates and relatively clean amenities are a drawing factor.

However, it means they’ll have to sleep beside a toilet bowl during their stay.

Would you stay in this micro hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from 黑猫长 on billibilli

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