Cat Lepaks In Vaccine Queue At Hougang CC, Falls Asleep While Waiting For Its Turn

Cat Falls Asleep At Hougang CC Vaccination Centre

With more vaccination centres being set up in Singapore, more people have been able to get their Covid-19 shot efficiently near their homes.

Although animals aren’t a target demographic for the vaccination, it seems like a feline at Hougang Community Club, also a vaccination centre, wants a shot at the vaccine too.


The cute kitty was spotted lepak-ing on one of the chairs at the vaccination centre.

Cat spotted making itself comfy at Hougang CC vaccination centre

In a Facebook post by Ms U. Nan in Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats on Sunday (28 Mar), the lady caught sight of the sleepy fur baby on one of the seats at the vaccination centre.


As the seats were used by people waiting in line for their turn, it appeared as though the adorable kitty cat was waiting for its turn as well.

However, it presumably got tired and took a nap instead — in sleeping positions we are all able to relate to.


While some of us prefer sleeping on our backs, there definitely is a large number of people who prefer sleeping on their sides — just like this cat.

Although, it is a pipe dream to have so much flexibility in the human spine.

Bad postures derived from the young age of carrying our hardcopy textbooks in from primary school, to the majority of us hunched over our desk staring at computer screens as we grew up.


But still, we relate completely to this cat. Waiting in line for your turn can be tiring at times.

Netizens charmed by cute kitty falling asleep

As Professor X from The Powerpuff Girls once said, “sugar, spice, and everything nice”.

Well, we bet “precious cat, a dash of ‘dozing off’ and well, just cat” would make for a better concoction.

This user mentioned that the lil’ kitty inadvertently dozed off after waiting for its turn for its “vaccination”.


Even though many aren’t averse to taking their vaccination jabs in Singapore, this user commended the cat on adhering to the government’s recommendations.


A good kitty indeed.

This lady commented with an equally endearing photo of a cat that “infiltrated” yet another community center that offered vaccination.


We can now wholly ascertain that cats are superbly intelligent creatures — as they understand the paramount need for vaccination against Covid-19.

A sight that will make your day

While waiting for your vaccination shots, the sight of a cute feline will undeniably be comforting.

We’re glad community cats have decided to accompany both the elderlies and front-liners while they wait for their vaccination shot.

Perhaps more may wish to get vaccinated if they know that a cat will be there waiting with them — don’t underestimate the pulling power of felines.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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