Hougang Neighbour Allegedly Throws Eggs, Curry & Flour At Elderly Man’s Door, Police Report Filed

Nightmare Neighbour Throws Eggs & Curry At Hougang Unit

Some of us may have good neighbours who extend kind gestures like offering food during festivities or looking out for our general well-being.

Unfortunately, an elderly man in Hougang has not had such luck.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the 81-year-old has been dealing with a neighbour from hell. The neighbour in his 30s has allegedly thrown curry and egged his door on multiple occasions.

When the elderly man tried to complain to the neighbour’s parents, they were also unable to help.

Elderly Hougang resident had no neighbour problems before

The elderly man, only known as Mr Liu, lives at Block 693 Hougang Street 61. He told Shin Min Daily News that he had never encountered any major issues living there for the past 30 years until recently.

His troubles started in August last year when the neighbour allegedly started to egg his door and throw flour on it. The neighbour claimed that this was because the elderly man’s unit was noisy.

The egging first happed then, while the flour-throwing happened sometime after in December, the elderly man shared.

Spent S$500 to install surveillance cameras

In order to find out who made the messes at his door, Mr Liu reportedly spent nearly S$500 to install surveillance cameras around his unit. After that, the incidents stopped, but not for long.

The peace lasted until Thursday (20 Apr), when the egging resumed. This time, it happened twice in the span of a few hours — once at 4am and once at 8am.

Then, on Saturday (22 Apr), the neighbour allegedly egged the elderly man’s door yet again. On top of that, he apparently also threw curry at the window.

The elderly man complained to Shin Min Daily News that the eggs go bad and stink up the area very quickly due to the hot weather. The traces were hard to clean as well.

Hougang neighbour’s parents want to disown him

The elderly man has purportedly lodged a police report against the neighbour and handed all surveillance footage to the authorities. He has also told the neighbour’s parents what their son has allegedly been up to.

The parents have been neighbours with the elderly man for 30 years, and there were never really any serious issues between them.

“When I complained to his parents, they also told me to just call the police,” the elderly man said. Apparently, the neighbour’s parents intend to legally disown him next month.

Mr Liu admitted that his unit might have been noisy back then when he was cooking or when his granddaughter was running around. But now, they hardly cook anymore, and his granddaughter has grown up.

“But the neighbour still says that there are banging noises coming from my house when we have not done anything.”

Responding to queries from Shin Min Daily News, the police said that investigations into this case and a separate case of the neighbour fighting with his father are currently underway.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News

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