Singapore’s First Hunky Men Cleaning Service Limited To This Weekend Only

We all know how hard doing chores can be, especially when all you want to do is sit down and relax after a long week of work.

Well, one Singapore company,, has a great solution to your problems: a cleaning service featuring hunky men.


While unconventional, you’ve got to admit it sounds enticing having several well-built men entering your home to do some spring cleaning.


Here’s what we know about this premium, one-of-a-kind service.

Watch hunky men get down & dirty to clean your home

Imagine casually walking into your home to find it filled with hunky men getting down and dirty — cleaning your mess.


On Tuesday (6 Apr), announced that they were starting Singapore’s first ever ‘Hunky Guy Cleaning Service’.

And they’re not messin’ around.

After all, who better to help clean the impossibly tough stains than a real tough guy?

Hunky men cleaning serviceSource

They can even help do the heavy lifting to ensure all the nooks and crannies get cleaned up.

Hunky men cleaning serviceSource

This service isn’t going to be there forever. said they will be running this service only for this coming weekend on 10 and 11 Apr.

Hunky guy cleaning service subject to availability

While you might be able to get a hunky man into your bedroom this weekend, it does come at a price.

Hunky men cleaning serviceSource

Here are the rates for this golden service:

  • 1-bedroom condo/HDB: $420+
  • 2-bedroom condo/HDB: $490+
  • 3-bedroom condo or 4/5-bedroom HDB: $575+
  • 4-bedroom condo or maisonette HDB: $630+
  • Penthouse: $700+

Do note that this service is subject to availability and works on a first come, first served basis so if you’re looking to hire them, better act fast!

A clean house is a feast for the eyes

Cleaning the house doesn’t always have to be a chore, not when you have a group of hot, tough guys helping to alleviate the burden.

Just be sure not to stare at them for too long when they’re at work, otherwise you may have to deal with tough conversations with your significant other later.

Hunky men cleaning serviceSource

But hey, even after they’re gone, a clean house will always be a feast for the eyes.

Now, you just need to continue maintaining the household every weekend.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.