3 Huskies Need A S’pore Home ASAP, As Owners Can’t Afford To Keep Them Together

3 Huskies Need A Loving Home Together In Singapore

Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility, what more caring for several, which owners of 3 huskies here recently learnt.


After keeping them in an enclosure for several years, complaints from animal lovers about the dogs’ living conditions finally forced the owners to put them up for adoption.

Unable to provide the best care for them, the owners hope somebody else could, and seek a new parent who can take all 3 of the fur kids in.

Huskies need to be together

Animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) shared the owners’ appeal on Facebook yesterday (12 Jun).


According to the post, the huskies’ owners had loved them to the best of their abilities. The only exception was that they had to keep the dogs in an enclosure for reasons unknown.

Complaints about the living conditions then encouraged them to find a better home for their pups.

Have their own unique personalities

Each dog has an endearing name of its own, and unique personalities to match.

The oldest, 10-year-old Ah Fu, is described as “a very loving and devoted companion”. CDAS told of how the owner teared up while petting him. Due to his age, he has weaker legs, but formed a strong bond with Ah Mei, the only female husky.

Ah Fu

“Lovely” Ah Mei is 6, and apparently the one that gets between the boys whenever they get rowdy.

Ah Mei

The last one, gorgeous 6-year-old Ah Bao, supposedly emanates a sort of “princely aura”. The loudest among the 3, he always makes sure his presence is felt.

Ah Bao

Since they share a close relationship, CDAS is looking for someone who can adopt all 3 of them together, so they won’t be apart. If nobody can in the shortest time possible, there may be someone ready to at least take Ah Mei and Ah Fu together.

Check guidelines for adoption

CDAS reminds the public that huskies are not HDB-approved, hence, keen parties should check guidelines for adoption before indicating their interest.

Of course, you’ll have to be sure that you can provide them with all the love and care they need to live comfortably, especially for dear old Ah Fu.


Rehoming and adoption services by animal welfare groups are permitted in Phase 1 post-‘Circuit Breaker’ according to NParks, so you need not worry.

If you or anyone you know can welcome the pups into your home, reach out to CDAS via Facebook for more information. We hope they’ll find a new family soon, so they can live together, happily ever after.

Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.

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