ICA Officers Discover ‘Cigarette Sandwiches’ At Woodlands Checkpoint

In 2019 alone, we’ve seen countless ingenious ways that smugglers have devised to smuggle contraband items onto our shores.

But you clearly ain’t seen nothing yet.

On Sunday (8 Dec), ICA officers apparently uncovered 32 packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes sandwiched between loaves of bread.


You read that right, bread as in roti — the very same thing made of flour you may have had for breakfast this morning.

Traveller carrying 4 loaves of bread was acting suspiciously

According to ICA’s Facebook post, officers at Woodlands Checkpoint spotted a traveller who was behaving suspiciously at the Arrival Bus Hall.

The man had in his possession 4 loaves of bread. He must have been hungry, for a puff that is.


ICA officers then conducted further checks on him and discovered 32 packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes neatly concealed in the loaves of bread.


Very notti ah, hide ciggi inside roti.

The suspected smuggler, a 52-year-old Malaysian man, has since been referred to the Singapore Customs for further investigations.

Kudos to ICA officers for being vigilant

Looks like “idiotic” chefs, peanut butter and ham aren’t the only ones that go well with bread.


In all seriousness, 3 cheers go out to the ICA officers for their round-the-clock vigilance, without which this discovery wouldn’t have been possible.

While it may just be cigarettes this time round, smugglers could very well use the same method to conceal firearms and even “undesirables persons”.

Featured image adapted from Facebook