ICA Finds Motorcycles Stuffed Silly With 460 Illegal Cigarette Packets, Seizes Them & 2 Riders

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ICA Seizes Duty-Unpaid Cigarettes From 2 Motorbikes With Modified Compartments

Chances are, you’d have seen pictures of cars and other large vehicles stuffed to the brim with duty-unpaid cigarettes meant to be smuggled into Singapore.


Thankfully, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) intercepts and seizes many of these contraband items before they reach our shores.

The modes of transport that smugglers are employing, however, seem to be changing.

On Tuesday (19 Nov), ICA officers found 2 motorbikes filled completely with duty-unpaid cigarettes in various modified compartments.


In total, over 460 packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes were seized and 2 Malaysian riders were nabbed.

2 motorbike riders referred to customs for smuggling duty-unpaid cigarettes

According to the post, ICA intercepted the 2 motorcycles at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Tuesday (19 Nov).

1 of the motorbikes found with duty-unpaid cigarettes 

Don’t be fooled by the motorbikes’ unassuming appearances. Take a closer look and you’ll find various modified compartments stuffed with cigarettes.


Even the front fairing was crammed-full of contraband.


2 Malaysian drivers, aged 21 and 22, have been referred to the Singapore Customs for investigations.

In the post, the ICA said that this “method of concealment” is worrying as others may resort to similar methods to smuggle “security items” into Singapore.

Hope the seizure will serve as an effective deterrence

The ICA deserves 3 cheers for successfully nabbing the smugglers.

While the seizure isn’t the largest, motorcycles enter our borders in droves daily and are capable of smuggling huge amounts of contraband into Singapore, if not stopped.

We hope this incident serves as an effective deterrence for potential smugglers and also a  reminder that our immigration officers are always vigilant as part of their roles as the Guardians of our Borders.

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