Idle Restaurant Sold Alcohol Past 10.30pm, Ordered To Close For 10 Days

Idle Restaurant Allowed Groups Of More Than 5 To Sit Together

Another restaurant has been served a notice of suspension by the authorities after flouting Covid-19 safe-distancing measures repeatedly.


One-North’s Idle restaurant will be closed for 10 days from Wednesday (19 Aug), after the F&B outlet was found to have:

  • Allowed more than 5 patrons to sit together
  • Sold alcohol after 10.30pm

Here’s what else we know on the case from Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) press release on Monday (17 Aug), based on TODAY Online’s report.

Groups larger than 5 & alcohol past 10.30pm

Idle’s restaurant primarily sells food and is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.


Whistleblowers had brought some complaints regarding Idle’s conduct to SFA’s attention earlier last week.

These apparently involved allowing customers to be seating in groups larger than 5, as well as selling alcohol past the curfew of 10.30pm.

Closed for 10 days after flouting rules

That’s when authorities sent officers down to inspect the premises.


The operator was found to have “flouted safe management measures” despite reminders, thus leading to a suspension.

10.30pm curfew for alcohol remains

As we’re still in Phase 2, F&B establishments are still not permitted to sell alcohol past 10.30pm across the island.

Patrons are also not allowed to purchase or consume drinks or risk being liable to fines of up to $10,000 and/or 6 months’ jail.

For repeat offences, we can expect a $20,000 fine and/or jail of up to 12 months.

Please adhere to rules for personal safety

Though it’s a bummer for some of us who wish to kick back via a late-night beer with friends, we’re still in the midst of fending off a potential third wave of Covid-19 infections.

Our prudence will go a long way in discouraging businesses from selling alcohol past 10.30pm as well, if we exercise our conscious choices not to purchase drinks from outlets which don’t follow the rules.

You may also report non-compliance to the authorities via EnterpriseSG’s website here.

Do stay safe on your weekend chill sessions with friends & remember to keep the booze at home for now.

Featured image adapted from TripAdvisor.

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