Iguanas Have Sun Tanning Party At Warren Golf Club, They Look Just Like VIP Members

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Iguanas Gather For Sun Tanning Party At Warren Golf & Country Club

From otters to hornbills, there never seems to be a dull moment for the critters that reside in Singapore.

A large group of iguanas was seemingly having a sun tanning party at Warren Golf and Country Club, showing that animals also meet up during the Chinese New Year period.


Being cold-blooded, perhaps the reptiles were making the most out of Singapore’s sunny weather.

Iguanas swarm golf course

In a post on Facebook group Singapore Hikers on 17 Feb, a netizen shared pictures of a large group of iguanas spread out across the fairway of Warren Golf and Country Club.


We are unsure why so many congregated at the same area but it seems like the lizards are having a – socially distanced – sun tanning party.

Singapore’s weather is set to be hotter, with temperatures expected to hit 34°C in the last week of February. This provides the perfect opportunity for the cold-blooded animals to keep warm.

However, it does seem that some of the iguanas had enough of the sun, as with many of us.


Be it under the sun or shade, they still look pretty nua nonetheless.

Netizens say iguanas are golf club members

Netizens who saw the pictures joked that they could be enjoying their time at Warren Golf and Country Club as VIP members.



Another wondered if they paid for their membership.


We reckon they probably snuck in from the thick jungle surrounding the golf club.

Iguanas not native to Singapore

While there have been many sightings of them around the country, iguanas are in fact not native to Singapore.

According to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), the reptiles have been traded illegally and kept as pets here.


The population that we see now could have been a result of abandonment.

Furthermore, without any cover from predators, the sun tanning iguanas are also easy pickings for predators like pythons.


One was snapped up and gobbled by a python, showing that safety in numbers is not always the case.

Keeping eyes peeled for Singapore’s critters

It’s not every day that you get to see so many iguanas congregating at the same place.

However if you are out enjoying Singapore’s parks and nature reserves, do keep a lookout for these beautiful lizards as well as other animals.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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