This iPhone Desk With A SIM Card Slot Drawer Has Enough Storage Space To Hide Your WFH Clutter

This iPhone Desk With SIM Card Slot Drawer Looks Like A Supersized Mobile Device

Avid Apple fans probably have a desk filled with their iPhone, iPad, and iMac. Now imagine if you have an Apple-inspired desk to store all your devices.

10×10 Korea has launched an iPhone desk with a SIM card slot drawer. Despite its deceptively slim appearance, the drawer seems to have enough storage space for all your work from home (WFH) clutter.


If you’ve managed to build an iPhone collection over the years, here’s the version you shouldn’t miss.

iPhone desk is slim & sleek like the real deal

This iPhone desk perfectly replicates the black glass screen, white casing, and home button of our go-to smartphone.


Many of us can agree that a bigger iPhone is better, and it seems our wish has been granted with this intuitive furniture. Measuring 105cm by 52cm, the ‘screen size’ of this desk is a major upgrade from the average iPhone.


No need to fret over potentially cracking the screen or spilling your drink because its surface area is made of tempered glass.


Meanwhile, the body of the ‘phone’ is made with high-quality aluminum which can resist stains and dirt.


SIM card slot drawer provides extra storage space

Every phone requires a SIM card slot and the folks at 10×10 Korea did not miss this detail.


Thanks to its SIM card slot drawer, you’ll have enough storage space to stow away your lightning cable and other pesky wires.

Available for sale on 10×10 website

The iPhone desk is available on the 10×10 Korea website for S$370.63 (310,000 won).


We all have our bias when it comes to iPhone colours, and this table comes in matte metallic gold, red, black, or pink.


All variations appear to be out of stock at the time of writing, attesting to the popularity of the item. We’d suggest keeping an eye on the page in case 10×10 decides to restock them.

iPhone desk for WFH

As work from home and online schooling are in full swing, our desks are undoubtedly filled with all sorts of related tools and accessories.

Keeping our work area neat and stylish will be easy when we have funky yet functional furniture like this iPhone desk.

Know any Apple fans who need this desk? Tag them in the comments below so they can get one for their homes.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Biggo Taiwan

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