Iris Koh Seeks Help With Legal Fees, Says She’s Innocent & Loves Her Country

Iris Koh Seeks Help Crowdfunding Legal Fees In Healing The Divide Group

As we rush to book appointments for our Covid-19 booster shots, some are against the idea of getting the vaccine. The centre of this debacle is none other than Iris Koh.

The 46-year-old founder of the anti-vaccine group Healing The Divide was charged with falsifying vaccination records.

Iris Koh Allegedly Falsifies Vaccination Records With A Doctor & His Assistant, Trio Arrested

She was granted a $20,000 bail last Friday (4 Feb).

In a message to the Healing The Divide Telegram group chat, she asks for help raising money to cover her legal fees.

Iris Koh claims innocence, asks for support to cover legal fees

On Tuesday (8 Feb), Iris Koh’s message was forwarded to the Healing The Divide group chat, accompanied by a video.

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In the text, she describes her efforts against vaccine mandates in Singapore and the charges she faces.

However, she claims to be innocent and that everything she did was done out of love for her country.

Then, she leaves her contact details and invites others to help her raise money to cover legal fees.

Mixed reactions to her message

In the group chat, members expressed their support and believed Iris did not do anything wrong.

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Others reacted to the message with a thumbs-up emoji, presumably in agreement. Some also informed that they have donated money to her via PayNow.

However, when the news made it to Reddit, responses were less supportive.

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A Reddit user noted that if she had a noble cause, she should do so with her own funds.

No excuses for crime

At the end of the day, everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be vaccinated.

However, falsifying vaccination records is a blatant violation of the law. No matter where one stands against the idea of vaccination, it’s crucial that their beliefs do not propel them to commit crimes.

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Featured image adapted from Iris Koh on Telegram.

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