Japanese Cop Arrested After He Purposely Clogs Female Toilets To Watch Women Being Unhappy About It

Japanese Cop Enters Female Restroom In Lawson Store Just To Clog Toilets 6 Times

Just when you think you’ve heard every type of crime, a weird one pops up to prove you wrong.

On Sunday (29 Sep), Japanese cop Takashi Atsuchi was arrested for clogging the toilets in a female restroom. He apparently enjoyed watching upset women report the clogged toilets.


We never thought we’d see a crime like this in real-life, but here’s how it happened.

Mysterious case of clogged toilets

SoraNews24 reported that a Lawson convenience store in Yamaguchi, Japan had experienced 6 incidents of clogged toilets.

Two of these incidents required the help of a professional plumber for repairs.

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Each time the toilet was clogged, Atsuchi could be found in the restroom area. He would watch from the parking lot area when women reported the inconvenient situation.

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Fortunately, an eagle-eyed staff recognized Atsuchi and remembered his license plate number.

Japanese cop caught by police

On Sunday (27 Sep), Atsuchi arrived at the store and walked towards the women’s restroom. The staff called the police immediately and made the arrest. The police were baffled to find that he was a police sergeant from the Community Safety Division.

According to SoraNews24, he admitted his crimes and said,

I was interested in women’s toilets. I wanted to go in and see.

The public office released a statement to apologize to the affected customers and staff.

They wrote,

We deeply apologise to everyone in the prefecture for the inappropriate behavior by one of our officers.

The case is currently under investigation and the police have considered ending his employment. He was charged for burglary as the crime apparently includes unlawful entry in the country.

Japanese cop’s odd perversions?

Most netizens have heard of odd perversions but this one took the cake.

A netizen commented,

How does one possibly get off on seeing a woman upset because she can’t use the toilet?

We’ll never understand how some human minds work and we’re hoping a psychologist will be able to give us some answers.


Right to the toilet?

We never thought we’d have to defend a woman’s right to use an unclogged toilet until today.

We’re hoping that customers and staff of Lawson convenience store will be able to use a functioning toilet now that this dramatic saga has closed.

Here’s to hoping that no one else will find enjoyment out of depriving women of toilets.

Featured image from Instagram and Independent.

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