JJ Lin Checks Out Of China Hospital, Nurses Take The Chance To Fangirl

There’s a reason why we have to keep our professional and personal matters separate – when the two overlap, the outcome tends to be pretty bad.

A few nurses in China learnt that the hard way after their supposedly secret fangirling moment over JJ Lin was leaked.

And we’re not talking the typical squealing or near fainting. What the nurses did involved items from the singer’s stay in the hospital, and they’re rather shocking to say the least.

JJ Lin checks into hospital during China tour

According to a report by 8 DAYS, JJ Lin had contracted a flu after performing the 58th show of his China tour on Saturday (26 Oct).


Instead of taking some time off, he checked into Zhenjiang First People’s Hospital and stayed for only one night.

The stay was so short, it didn’t make big news, but it certainly was enough to get a few nurses excited.

Nurses fangirl over star’s items after he leaves

As soon as JJ left, a few nurses on duty at the time made a beeline for his bed and started rolling around. A video that surfaced online showed them having a good time.

We’re not sure what they found so thrilling, but perhaps there’s something about JJ’s scent that aroused their fangirl instincts.

As if that wasn’t strange enough, one nurse took the liberty of snatching the star’s used IV drip bag and later selling it online.


That a fan bought the used hospital item quickly is testament to his superstardom. Although you’d wonder what anyone would do with an IV drip bag – drink from it maybe?

Hospital condemns staff members’ actions

8 DAYS also reported that the hospital released a statement today (28 Oct), condemning their staff members’ actions.

Acknowledging that the incident had indeed happened, the hospital assures that they dispose of medical waste following strict regulations.

Staff found guilty of posting the visuals online and selling the medical waste will face suspension and serious repercussions.

If there’s anything we can learn from this incident, it’s that we must keep our enthusiasm under control. Nobody likes a fanatic.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and 8 DAYS.