JJ Lin Releases Jewel Changi Music Video, Trends #2 In Singapore

Many Singaporeans visited Jewel Changi for the first time earlier this year and when we saw the majestic swirling vortex fountain, most of us simply took our phones out to snap a pic for the ‘gram.

Local singer-songwriter JJ Lin, however, was struck by a moment of inspo and wrote an actual song to immortalise the moment.


The MV trailer was hotly anticipated and accumulated close to 5 million views across social media channels, Facebook & Weibo in just 2 days.

JJ Lin’s bittersweet love song, The Right Time is trending on YouTube at #2 and is probably the only song in the world inspired by a fountain that will make you cry.

You can catch it here in full. Watch out for the suave Christopher Lee’s turn as the MV’s pensive protagonist.

Christopher Lee stars as a man longing for lost love

The story begins with actor Christopher Lee’s character suited up as a well-dressed gentleman, longingly admiring Jewel Changi’s vortex.


He’s alone, and the cryptic caption reads in Mandarin,

Back in that year, we gained as much as we lost.

JJ Lin walks past, carrying a clipboard, glancing curiously at Lee.


He’s all suited up as a staff member from Changi, and goes about his daily routine at the Lost & Found counter.

Lee continues to reflect on the past, as the captions continue,

If only we’d made our vows to each other here, would everything have turned out differently?

The song begins in earnest and we find out the truth behind the tragic love story of Lee.


A tale of missed opportunities & a keen longing for all that has past in his life.


In the end, without giving away a major spoiler, Lee comes to terms with his choices and receives closure.


He now understands how life is a lot like our gorgeous fountain — ever-changing, at times heartbreakingly beautiful, but always moving forward.


Props to JJ Lin getting all that, from just standing in front of Jewel Changi’s swirling vortex.


The Right Time lyrics in English

For fans of JJ Lin who are struggling to read traditional Mandarin within the MV, we have translated the lyrics to English, and simplified Chinese here.

Singer: JJ Lin 林俊杰
Song Title: The Right Time 对的时间点 (Dui De Shi Jian Dian)


生活刻琢了容颜 天真被逐渐删减
shēnghuó kè zuóle róngyán tiānzhēn bèi zhújiàn shān jiǎn
Life engraves unforgettable faces in your heart as innocence passes

rénmen jiāng fù lèi dōu guījiù yú shíjiān
People blame this on the burden of time

然而成熟能成全 果实它该有的甜
rán’ér chéngshú néng chéngquán guǒshí tā gāi yǒu de tián
But as we get older we understand, how sweet it was to love

zhǐ wéi shíjiān sǒngyǒng jìjié de gǎibiàn
Time only passes as the seasons of our life change

信誓旦旦的宣言 色调会逐年变浅
xìnshìdàndàn de xuānyán sèdiào huì zhúnián biàn qiǎn
The vows we make & colours of our memories fade with the passing years

rénmen jiāng quēhàn dōu guàizuì yú shíjiān
People blame time for their own shortcomings

然而成长到成年 泪痕之所以复原
rán’ér chéngzhǎng dào chéngnián lèihén zhī suǒyǐ fùyuán
As adults, our days turn to years, we find the reason behind tears

zhǐ wéi shíjiān xīshì shānggǎn de gēnyuán
Time dilutes the pain, but not the cause


如果 爱情是场 远程的涡旋
rúguǒ àiqíng shì chǎng yuǎnchéng de wō xuán
Imagine if love was a swirling vortex

仅管 绕着圈子 也要走向前
jǐnguǎn ràozhe quānzi yě yào zǒuxiàng qián
Even if it keeps going round, we have to move forward

bùlí xīntài yuǎn
Don’t leave your heart behind

wǒ yào miàn cháo zuì lán de qíngtiān
I choose to see the azure blue sky

bù tuōlí guǐdào yǒu nǐ zài shēnbiān
Leave behind the road I’m travelling to return to your side

如果 生命是场 寂寞的涡旋
rúguǒ shēngmìng shì chǎng jìmò de wō xuán
Imagine if life was a lonely vortex

不管 千回百转 方向不会偏
bùguǎn qiān huí bǎi zhuǎn fāngxiàng bù huì piān
A thousand turns wouldn’t change its direction

起飞前看一眼 每张我爱过的脸
qǐfēi qián kàn yīyǎn měi zhāng wǒ àiguò de liǎn
Every time before I fly, I look at every face I’ve loved 

每个交错和无缘 都在潜意识挑选
měi gè jiāocuò hé wúyuán dōu zài qiányìshí tiāoxuǎn
Every encounter & missed opportunity, were subconsciously chosen

duì de shíjiān diǎn
At the right time


从前未来的关联 拉开记忆才明显
cóngqián wèilái de guānlián lā kāi jìyì cái míngxiǎn
The past and future are connected through our memories

nǐ wǒ dū chū xiànzài zuì hǎo de shíjiān
You and I met at the best of times

不然相逢到相连 为何像有过预演
bùrán xiāngféng dào xiānglián wèihé xiàng yǒuguò yùyǎn
From our first meeting to our connection, why did it feel rehearsed?

zhǐ wéi shíjiān shì chuàn qǐ liǎng rén de xiàn
A string that connected us both through time


Close to 1 million YouTube views

We’d highly recommend that you spend an uninterrupted 5 minutes to fully take in this work of art, the MV has already accumulated close to 1 million YouTube views.


As for 50 million of JJ Lin’s Weibo fans, if we didn’t get the hype before, we do now.


For now, we’re glad he’s back to snatch the wigs of his fans all around the world, and celebrate his roots back in Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from JJ Lin林俊傑 on YouTube.