Jover Chew And 4 Others Arrested For Being Dirty Cheaters, Singapore Rejoices

The Mobile Air clan will be charged on Friday

Jover Chew Is Finally Dead Arrested!

The 33-year-old had cheated a whole bunch of people via making them buy phones with dodgy warranties. One of these incidents went viral; a Vietnamese tourist was filmed kneeling and begging for his money back after being made to pay $1,500 in “warranties” for buying an iPhone 6.

Never underestimate netizen outrage. His pictures and personal information was then plastered all over the Internet, and three large pizzas were sent to his home.



His shop, Mobile Air, was subsequently raided by police, who had received reports of his cheating and launched a full-scale investigation. The result of these investigations will be known on Friday (May 29), when the five men will be charged.

Effects of Jover Chewbacca still felt months after closure

Thanks to him and his cronies, business in Sim Lim Square deteriorated heavily. For shame, Jover, for shame.

There’s a silver lining though — CASE and the management at Sim Lim, who previously had little to no jurisdiction over shop tenants, have been empowered to be better able to deal with cheats at the complex. New by-laws were passed to deter errant retailers.

These measures, along with the arrests, may bring some rainbows back to the beleaguered Sim Lim Square.



The arrests are also proof that Singapore is not in dire need of vigilante justice. We’re not Gotham City. Let the police do their job. If there’s anyone wondering about the delays, the police needed all da evidence before they could slap them with more charges.

Kudos to the police!

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Featured image via The New Paper
With references from Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times, Singapore Police Force

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