Jumbo HDB Flat Looks Like A Condo With Built-In Wardrobe & Terrace In Ang Mo Kio

Jumbo HDB Flat Features Vivid Artistry With Vibrant Colours, Sells For Over $1 Million

When we imagine our dream house, most of us probably think of condominium apartments and not HDB ones.

However, private housing tends to be more expensive in Singapore, which dashes our dreams a little.

However, one couple managed make their jumbo HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio look like a spacious condo unit.


As the owners are both interior designers, the jumbo flat is artistically designed – leading many to forget that the home is actually a HDB flat and not a condo.

But do not let the humble label fool you. The house recently sold for a whopping $1.03 million – the first HDB unit in Ang Mo Kio to hit a 7 digit price tag.

Artwork gave jumbo flat an air of sophistication

The jumbo flat is a combination of 2 adjoining 3-room flats, which brings its total size to a massive 1,916 square feet. This proved handy when it came to furnishing the apartment with artwork.


With the sheer amount of surfaces available, various artwork could be adorned throughout the home – adding an air of sophistication, aka “condo-vibes”.


From the dining area, to the study area, to the master bedroom, each were upscaled with the artistic touch.


Clear glass partitions preserved the “atas” feel

To maintain the atas feel, the terrace area was separated from the rest of the house with clear panels of glass.


This way, no sense of space was lost, and one could also see the entirety of the house.


Jumbo flat had vibrant pops of colour

Even when no artwork decorated the space, the owners managed to bring out personality in the rooms with their choice of wall design.


The floor of the kitchen also became a means of artistic expression.


Luxurious master bedroom

But what use is space, if not for the finer things in life?

While most of us probably have a cupboard or two for our clothes, the jumbo flat features a built-in wardrobe, split for him and her.


The master bathroom even has a double vanity, which is great for couples to wash their hands together, but separately, during this Covid-19 season.


Hidden storage space

Anyone who lives in a house would know that eventually, one starts to collect things that seemingly don’t belong anywhere.

Luckily, the jumbo flat has a hidden 10-square metre storage space to hide anything that clashes with the aesthetic of the house.


Honestly, our homes probably look more like this than the rest of the apartment.

Taking inspiration from their design

While we can’t all live in condominiums, perhaps we can take a few pages from their book and give our houses their own luxurious makeovers.

Especially since we’re spending so much time at home now, why not make it the dream space we deserve?

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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