Jurong Hawker Runs Cai Png Stall Despite Covid-19 Symptoms, Later Tests Positive On 6 Mar

Jurong Hawker Worked Despite Covid-19 Symptoms, Is Linked To SAFRA Jurong Cluster

While many Covid-19 cases detected had stayed at home when they displayed symptoms, some continued to work.

A hawker who runs a mixed-vegetable rice – AKA cai png – stall at Jurong Port Road Food Centre was one of them. He reportedly manning the stall despite having Covid-19 symptoms.

While his wife stopped working once she developed symptoms, he did not do so, reports 8World News.

Both tested positive for Covid-19 last Friday (6 Mar) and are linked to the SAFRA Jurong cluster.


Jurong hawkers with Covid-19 are cases 129 and 130

According to 8World News, the hawkers in question are cases 129 and 130 — a couple comprising a 68-year-old woman and a 66-year-old man.

Their cases were confirmed on 6 Mar by the Ministry of Health.


Case 129, the wife, is reportedly in charge of handling food.

She apparently developed symptoms on 2 Mar and stopped working at the stall.

Her husband – case 130 – displayed symptoms much earlier on 24 Feb. However, he allegedly continued to work for the next 4 days and was last seen at the stall on 28 Feb.

Currently, the couple is receiving treatment at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Other hawkers at Jurong Port Road Hawker Centre not affected

Fortunately, the business of the other stall wasn’t to be affected significantly.

Jurong Port Road Food Centre has also been disinfected following the discovery, which apparently allayed customers’ fears.

Please stay at home if feeling unwell

We hope none of the customers or patrons was infected with Covid-19.

This story highlights the importance of minimising social interactions should one show symptoms similar to that of the new coronavirus.

Covid-19 or not, let’s all be socially responsible and avoid infecting others, especially during such a trying time.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

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