SAFRA Jurong Dinner Organiser Blames Herself For Covid-19 Cluster, Says She Feels “Very Guilty”

Music Teacher Behind SAFRA Jurong Private Dinner Had Hesitations About Holding Gathering

Singapore’s largest Covid-19 cluster – linked to a private dinner function at SAFRA Jurong – now has 36 cases.

The organiser of the dinner, music teacher Ms Liang Fengyi, has since blamed herself for holding the event, reported The Straits Times.

Many of the attendees were her students and were in their 50s and 60s.

They also mingled with the guests from another ongoing dinner that night, held at Joy Garden Restaurant inside the club.


Students told her to go ahead with dinner at SAFRA Jurong

Ms Liang, 56, was initially unsure if she should go ahead with the dinner and asked her students for their opinion. They agreed that it should still be held.

The dinner was a yearly affair for the singing group where they would put on their own performances.

It was held at Joy Garden Restaurant at SAFRA Jurong.


Some of them later contracted Covid-19 and even transmitted it to their family members at home.

Since then, there has been public backlash against Ms Liang for organising the dinner where 200 people were present.

She blames herself for the situation and feels like she hurt her students.

Resting well despite contracting Covid-19

Ms Liang was not spared from Covid-19. However, her godbrother shared that she is “feeling well”.

She is also confident that she would be discharged soon.

Another dinner was ongoing, diners mingled with each other

There was another dinner happening in another part of the same ballroom as Ms Liang’s. The dinners were separated by a partition.

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Similarly, the dinner was attended by a dialect singing community. It is estimated that there were 400 guests.

Therefore, there were guests who knew one another and they also mingled amongst themselves.

ST also reported that the cases had frequent contact with each other through their singing lessons.

These social activities led them to spend time together in close contact.

Don’t play the blame game

While it’s unfortunate that a well-intended dinner turned out to be awry, we should remember that no one wanted this to happen.

Thus, let’s not play the blame game as it would not benefit anyone.

Instead, we should continue to practise good personal hygiene, and avoid sharing food with one another completely.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Qian Xi.

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