S’pore Streamer Kiaraakitty Banned From Twitch, Fans Suspect It Was Due To Suggestive Sausage-Eating

KiaraaKitty Banned From Twitch For 4 Days After Eating Sausage On Stream

Singapore’s top but controversial Twitch streamer, KiaraaKitty, has made headlines again after getting banned from the platform recently.

While bans are not too uncommon for her, it’s her antics which seemingly raised a few eyebrows this time.

Fans have since speculated that she was banned for eating a Taiwanese sausage suggestively on stream — this remains unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Other theories include a part of her stream where she performed squats and had her buttocks just centimetres away from the camera.

KiaraaKitty banned from streaming on Twitch on 23 Jan

On 23 Jan, StreamerBans – a Twitter bot that tracks Twitch streamer bans – posted a tweet announcing that KiaraaKitty has been struck by the ban hammer.

A tweet also provided a link to the Streamer Bans website, which showed that this is the streamer’s fourth ban in her career.

However, the website did not state the reasons behind her most recent ban, which lasted four days.

Fans speculate suggestively eating sausage as reason behind Twitch ban

Fans of the controversial streamer have speculated that she may have gotten banned due to her recent antics on stream.

Two theories have emerged as most popular — an instance where she performed squats with her buttocks facing the camera and another occasion where she ate a sausage suggestively.

The latter was captured on her 19 Jan stream when the Twitch streamer was in Taiwan.

kiaraakitty banned sausage

Source: @kiaraakitty on Twitter

In the clip, she nibbled on a large sausage on a stick before nodding in approval.

Seconds later, she continued gnawing away at the sausage before spending an uncomfortable amount of time sucking on the sausage.

kiaraakitty banned sausage

Source: Twitch

While her actions were seemingly innocent in nature, perhaps it was the long pause that allowed suspicions to creep in.

Others speculate it may be KiaraKitty’s squating antics

Although the jury is still out on the reason behind her ban, there is no arguing that her squats performance is an even more egregious theory.

So much so that a YouTube channel re-uploaded a clip from her stream, titling the video “The clip that got Kiaraakitty BANNED from Twitch!”.

In the clip, the streamer was dressed in pink athletic wear.

She then performed squats, with her buttocks placed extremely close to the camera lens just centimetres away.

While it’s not explicitly sexual, Twitch guidelines prohibit its creators from being fully or partially nude, and where the “visible outline of genitals, even when covered”.

Kiaraakitty returned to streaming on 27 Jan, four whole days after her suspension.

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Featured image adapted from @kiaraakitty on Twitter & Twitter.

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