8 Koala-ty Facts About The Zoo’s Latest Marsupial Exhibits From Down Under

You will want to buy zoo tickets to see the koalas after reading this

Four foreigners from down under are in town! And we know it’s cold back at Aussie, but could someone tell them to lose the fur coats?


Alright alright, enough weather jokes.

These four Australian koalas have been open for business at The Singapore Zoo since yesterday (20 May). But they’re not your ordinary zoo animals, like the zoo’s resident baby goats:


ANYWAY, back to what I was saying: Our four furry friends have put up no ordinary exhibit, since they symbolise strong and long-lasting diplomatic ties between Australia and Singapore.

Here’s some other Koala-ty facts that might just make you wish for a special Singapore Zoo “Koala express” pass:

1. Minister K Shanmugam was first in the koala queue


Yes, Minister of Foreign Affairs, K Shanmugam, was kiasu-er than you (chill, he just has a VIP pass).

But it’s still not too late to get a place in the queue at Mandai. Because queuing is in your blood. (In all seriousness, there’s no queue. Yet.)

2. The Prime Minister got a koala hug

Now this is straight up unfair.


Where can I sign up to be Prime Minister too? #PerksOfBeingPMLee

3. The koalas are long term tourists and not permanent residents

These koalas have a visa valid for only 6 months, since Singapore’s humid environment and the zoo’s lack of eucalyptus (the koala’s main staple) cannot sustain the fussy marsupials in the long term.

Source Source


4. The koalas know how to enjoy life

How do we know?

This is what one of the four koalas, Idalia, had to say in her koala journal on the flight here:

“This Qantas flight has been pretty cool, I have to admit. My highlight so far? #qantasfood!”


Also in Idalia’s journal: her Singaporean food cravings.

“I’ve been reading some food bloggers and have heard they do a great chilli crab and fish head curry.”

And seriously, is that Schweppes I see? #ThugLife

5. You will love Idalia


Youngest and cutest (#TotallyNotFavouritising) of the bunch, Idalia is the koala equivalent of the popz kid in school with 1000 followers on Instagram.

“[Idalia’s] the most adorable, she’s the most photogenic, everyone who sees her falls in love with her.”

– Rachel Yeo, Singapore zoo’s junior animal management officer

Since she has no stalk-able Instagram account, I guess you have to visit in person.

6. All the koalas have different personalities

Not a social butterfly and prefer to make friends with other types of koalas? Don’t fear because the zoo has the perfect koala for you!


Fun fact: ‘Chan’ is pronounced ‘Shan’. #Step

7. After your feast for the eyes, indulge in an actual feast


Yes, this is legit and for sale the Singapore Zoo. Just be prepared to foot the extra dollars.

8. Experience Australian culture at home in Singapore

koalas 8Source

Thanks to the Aussie koala hype, the Singapore Zoo is bringing you the ultimate Aussie experience. Watch or TAKE PART in this tribal didgeridoo performance.

By the time you read this, I would be snapping selfies with dem koalas in Mandai. What are you waiting for?

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Featured image via Facebook
With references from Channel NewsAsia, Facebook, Channel NewsAsia, Singapore Zoo 

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